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A big thanks to the people who made this wiki page possible!
Deities of Godville
Hero Annie Ember
Personality Nice, annoying if she's drumming on a table with her fingernails, and easily distracted- Oooohhhh, shiny...
Gender female
Favourite Town Godville
Blue Feather
Guild rank cardinal

Animalist 3rd.png Builder 2nd.png Champion 3rd.png Favorite 1st.png Invincible 3rd.png Martyr 2nd.png Careerist 2nd.png Hunter 3rd.png

What's up with this page being mostly blank?

I'm not sure what I want to write here. Until I figure it out, you'll just have to live with this.


A list of my past pets:

Sooba the firefox, died at level 17

Bess the dust bunny, set free after becoming levelless

Dumbo the bipolar bear, also set free after becoming levelless

Spot the lightsaber-toothed tiger, tamed the morning I wrote this. Now he is levelless.

Her Zebra-ness's Temple (This Part Under Construction)


Outside, there is a deep salt-water moat all the way around the building with a ton of sea life in it, excluding alligators and anything bigger than a dolphin. There is a golden bridge leading over the water and to an African Savanna garden that leads up to the entrance. Out back, there is a similar garden and a pasture and a stable where Amazinzebra1998's zebras live peacefully.


Guest Rooms

Fun Rooms

Laser Tag Maze
Pet Room
Indoor Pool


Goodbye, fellow strangers!