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A big thanks to the people who made this wiki page possible!
Championed by the Hero: Annie Ember
Personality: Easily distracted- Oooohhhh, shiny...
Gender: female
Motto: Beliebers Unite!
Guild: Blue Feather
Favorite Town: Godville
Animalist 3rd.png Builder 2nd.png Champion 3rd.png Favorite 1st.png Invincible 3rd.png Martyr 2nd.png Careerist 2nd.png Hunter 3rd.png

Amazinzebra is a goddess of...

• Zebras • Art • Music

Things Amazinzebra1998 Likes

• Zebras • Drumming • Tacos • Orange-flavored soda • Drawing • JUSTIN BIEBER! • Emoticon people :)(-( • Weekends

What's up with the lists above?

I'm not sure what I want to write here. Until I figure it out, you'll just have to live with this.


Goodbye, fellow strangers!