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Deities of Godville
Hero Maerwynn Llwynarch
Personality Righteous
Gender Female


Aeraur is the Goddess of Justice and Fate. She possesses an exquisite beauty, with pale skin, medium long white hair and vibrant purple eyes. She usually wears richly ornamented white or lilac robes. Infinitely loving and compassionate, she is a neverending source of bounty for those who are open to her gifts. She is the Mother. Her totem is a Winged Unicorn and she is often portrayed with its head or other features. The myths about her timeless feud with GodTuathalan  and her rocky relationship with GodKyriakhis  are endless.

She is also associated with dusk and victory. There are a small number of altars dedicated to her in meadows. Her worshipers can be primarily distinguished by their intricate tattoos and secret language. Her day is Sunday, her season is Summer and her color is light purple.

Community Engagement

Both Goddess and Hero take pride in active participation in Godville's Ideabox and Godwiki.

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