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Deities of Godville
Hero Agon Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Name
Guild position Hierarch

Agon Kaldar
Born: 9/1/2011
Estimated Temple Completion Date: 7/10/2012
Estimated Total Construction Days: 313
Average Bricks/Day: 3.14
Last Updated: 6/28/2012

Noteworthy Happenings

10:58  Looked up at the sky and realized just 
how wonderful life truly is.  Too bad that 
Evil Twin over there wants to end mine.
11:01  Just as my health was fading, I 
remembered about my health bar.  Unfortunately,
it only seems to have infuriated the enemy.
Bring it on!
11:05  Just when the monster thought it had
won, I quickly used my extra life and felt a
lot better.  Bring it on!
11:09  The Evil Twin was so impressed with 
my fighting skills that he rewarded me with 
a golden brick.  Posthumously.
11:09  Was resurrected in a metropolitan temple
by the will of the Almighty.  Thank you, Great

I suppose I should have helped him out a bit more considering I watched him die. But who would have thought a full health bar and 2 healing potions wouldn't be enough?

10:12  The price for an Invite to Godville here 
is ridiculous, it was only 5119 gold coins.  But 
I'm a ridiculous person.

This was in Beerburg of all places. Of course he wasted all the money and then some throwing it down a well, but still an impressive amount from an invite.

11:20  I left the hospital and noticed I was 5 gold 
coins short.  I assume I had a really good time 
last night.

This entry got me a pretty good standing in the Pantheon of Lightweights. Good times.

22:55  Attended a concert by the Wandering Elven Bard.
Man, it was awesome, though the ticket was quite
pricey.  I paid 6398 coins for it.

Best. Concert. Ever.

Quest to Build a Temple Without Buying Charges

Melt Quest Hero other Mystery Transmute
44.4% 19.1% 22.7% 4.1% 1.0% 8.7%

Other = Posthumous Bricks, Skirmishes, Boss Monsters or Wanted Monsters

Strategy: Being aware of when your hero has more than 3000 gold can be accomplished with the notifications from the phone app or Google Chrome. I save my charges for transmuters or for boss battles if they have loot that is worth using them for. I do NOT use charges to attempt melting. If I fail with the GP I have, I give my hero a chance to purchase a brick on his own. Accumulating charges takes 100% GP and leaves you with 0 left for a while.

I also try to stay away from mystery boxes/continuum transfunctioners/etc. They are fun, but the return for the GP spent is just not good enough in my opinion. First off, you will most likely get a pile of gold and will be left with a maximum of 50% GP to attempt melting. You may also lose a death or gain EXP, both very good but do nothing for your temple. Spending GP for a bad result is the worst and you may even lose a brick. Post temple I plan on opening every mystery box I see and will use charges to do so.

I also stay away from other activatables. Auras don't give a good enough return for GP spent and they normally sell for a lot of gold that can be used for melting. Same goes for healing activatables. I will activate a praystation if selling it won't get me enough gold to melt.

While your hero is a low level, feel free to send him to the arena often. Gold is hard to come by and arena bricks can be much easier to get. You will use charges and you may have to use that accumulate button between battles but there isn't a whole lot you can do with less than 3000 gold and 100% GP anyway.

As a final reminder - these tips are my own gained by trial and error. See the sections below for the data to back up some of the claims. If you purchase charges the game changes considerably and you can get your temple much more quickly.

Pet Resurrection

1. First things first - keeping a pet alive will interfere with building your temple. Do you really want to keep your pet? A level 29 pet can cost almost 13,000 gold to bring back... quite a feat if you don't have a temple. And higher level pets are much cooler than that dust bunny or sun dog. Post-temple you get a steady stream of gold from the temple and you no longer have to fear melting all your gold away unintentionally.
2. If you answered yes to the question above, then you will need approximately 450 gold coins times the level of your pet. Your hero is the only one who can bring your pet back and he has 60 hours to do so. Your job is to help with the gold and timing the resurrection.
3. The resurrection can only occur during the "praying" phase of your hero's trip to town. Unfortunately that is the last step in his journey, right after buying stuff/bricks and drinking/gambling/going to concerts/other gold wasting pits. If you want him to skip all that stuff, he must have just finished a quest and his health must be in the "red" (ie, very low).
4. To get extra gold - send a "dig" command every 45 seconds or so while on the trip back to Godville at the end of your quest. This can get you quite a bit of gold.
5. If your hero's health isn't in the red, you can use the "punish" button but that may melt a brick so be careful to do it when you have less than 3000 gold.
6. To finish your quest more quickly, use the "complete quest" command or use the "heal" command to stay questing longer between trips to the town.

Mystery Box Experiment

Item Use 30 Amt
Death Removed 5 5
Death Added 0 0
Brick Gained 5 5
Brick Lost 2 2
Gold Gained 11 35594
Gold Lost 3 2095
Exp Gained 3 6482
Exp Lost 1 793

Assuming an average of 1 brick melted for every 100% GP used, this equals approximately 184 GP used per brick.

Best Time to Melt

5999-3000 Gold Fails Melts Percentage
Town:Other 8 2 20%
Town:Healing 12 3 20%
Town:Merchant 71 17 19%
Field:Other 70 16 19%
Field:Fighting 25 8 24%
Totals 186 46 20%

6000+ Gold Fails Melts Percentage
' 11 12 52%

I do not have a lot of data for this at the moment but will update it as I complete more of my temple. I'm getting around 1 brick for every 5 melting attempts. Thus far, it doesn't seem to make any difference where the hero is or what he is doing when I attempt to melt a brick.

I decided to break out my attempts to melt when I have over 6000 gold as I seem to have a much higher chance to melt at that point. In fact, when I removed those melting totals the melting rate for between 3000 and 5999 gold is almost exactly 20%. I do track for multiples of 3000 up to 12000 but I don't see any difference between even higher amounts of gold at this time.

Gold Sacrificed vs GP Gained

Sacrificed GP Gained
27 20
11 20
61 20
47 20
32 20
130 46
173 27
722 82
143 24
1065 69
939 100+
393 49
235 26
108 20
130 23
560 66
862 90
293 39
134 23
243 20
512 61
144 25
39 44
907 67
529 64
131 25
128 22
777 52
126 20
189 28
60 32
188 28
393 98
301 55+
589 68
271 27
122 22
121 22
385 28
340 44
773 100+
160 26
261 21
2729 100+
121 22
1230 79
182 28

So far, it appears that well over half the time the amount of gold sacrificed equals a gain of 20% GP for the first 100 gold coins sacrificed and an additional percentage of GP for each additional 10 gold coins sacrificed. The rest of the time you gain a seemingly random amount of GP.