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Motto: Rise Upgamers!
Alignment: Dedicated
Date Founded: August 8, 2019 (3377 g.e.)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 703
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 169
Guild Page: Upgamers 
Data current as of September 7, 2019 (3407 g.e.)

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What's Upgamers?

Man, I could go for some upgamers.

Welcome to the Upgamers guild page! May the gamer spirit be with you!

Guild Mission

Our mission is to spread our gamer spirit without being unfair to others and to help others accomplish the goals of Godville.

Guild Vision

To be Godville's most ass-kicking yet kindest guild.

The Members Of The Guild

Members of this guild are active in Godville, sending chaos good vibes around. Members may be quite prankish and naughty, but don't worry, they're actually good inside. Your personality doesn't define who you are. Side by side, we try to accomplish our goals and dreams.

Upgamers strives to be a great guild with members alike. We strive on arenas, temple building, dungeoning, ark building, sailing, and retirement.

Be An Upgamer!

Should I join this guild?

Yes! Even though we are a small guild with small benefits, we are active and fun to be with.

Someday, when we gather enough members, the guild founders will hold events.

How to Join

Joining a guild requires being a level 12, godpower, and patience.

To join us, send a Voice of god saying: Join "Upgamers" guild while your lovely hero/ine is idle out of town.

Please be patient as finishing the quest requires days.

Oh no, your hero/ine wants to leave Upgamers? Tell them: Abandon quest

The Gamer Spirit


Show some gamer spirit by adding '⛊', a shogi piece, to your motto! This will help in increasing our members, but adding it is optional.


To show Godville that we exist, please use influences when you go to towns. This will help in pantheon of popularity.