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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 800
Map code ??
Known for Unknown
Motto Unspecified in Unspecifiedistan!

Unspecifiedistan's shadowy existence is confirmed only by glimpses of information from random sources. It is the most remote town of the Outer Limits, standing at milestone 800. Despite its geographical isolation, it seems that Unspecifiedistan may secretly be very well connected.

Many Heroes who have gone missing from their guilds are last seen in this city-- they have left phantom guild influences that disappear within a few hours. The lost diary of a dead heroine once reported that the Guild Change offices reside here, before its pages reset.

As this town is so far out, not much else is known about Unspecifiedistan.


On 642 g.e., an unknown town appeared in a notice in the Godville Times:

  • An epic tapestry named 'A hero of the “Marshmallow Clouds” guild writing a letter to the Godville Administrator', is being exhibited at the Unspecifiedistan museum.

Suspicions of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch fell immediately upon a hero of the "Wiki Leagues" guild as the anonymous source, but this remains a widely believed opinion.

The only first-hand information we have on this town is from the hero Mike7169, his God Okeanos, a member of the ELITES guild:

!Mike7169's Diary
09:40: Finally back in Unspecifiedistan. Ah, the fresh smell of... oh, I forgot about the lack of sewer systems in this place.

It must not be a very clean place with all the alligators in the sewers.

Unspecifiedistan may in fact be the center of classified operations in Godville, as hinted in this notice:

  • 650 g.e. Someone trying to lay their hands on you? Surrounded by plots and intrigues? Unspecifiedistan’s post office is at your service - we'll read other people's mail and examine all their packages.

On rare occasions, heroes may find Unspecifiedistan's none-of-your-business card.