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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 911
Map code UN
Known for Cheap stuff, Better prayers
Motto Unspecified in Unspecifiedistan!

Unspecifiedistan's shadowy existence is confirmed only by glimpses of information from random sources. It is one of the most remote town of the Outer Limits, standing at milestone 911. Despite its geographical isolation, it seems that Unspecifiedistan may secretly be very well connected, a fact the city's residents seem eager to conceal.


Always eager to prevent its information getting into the wrong hands, Unspecifiedistan is famous for its none-of-your-business cards.

Many heroes and heroines who have gone missing from their guilds are last seen in this city — they have left phantom guild influences that seem to disappear within a few hours. Why this happens no one knows, only further shrouding this town in mystery. The long lost diary of a dead heroine once reported that the Guild Change offices reside here, before its pages reset.

As this town is so far out, not much else is known about it. This lack of detail has been exacerbated by the centuries-long feud between Unspec' and the Itinerant Merchants Union (IMU): the latter group, fed up with their only competition this far out, is removing markers pointing to town faster that the townies can replace them.

In spite of the IMU's obfuscation efforts, Unspecifiedistan is the site of the Unspecifiedistan University, best known for running the Unspecifiedistan University Press, the foremost publisher of cryptozoology reference books.[1] The city also grows and provides the barley used exclusively in beer-battered beer, making it a destination on the pilgrimage of all of the dish's gastronomic devotees.

Game Notes


On 642 g.e., Unspecifiedistan first appeared in a notice in the Godville Times.

Unspecifiedistan may in fact be the center of classified operations in Godville, as hinted in this notice:

  • 650 g.e. "Someone trying to lay their hands on you? Surrounded by plots and intrigues? Unspecifiedistan’s post office is at your service - we'll read other people's mail and examine all their packages."

It seems there may be some sort of a "Monster University" near Unspecifiedistan, as adolescent monsters were cited to be hanging in the area:

  • 659 g.e. "A strange Raging Hormone was spotted near the town of Unspecifiedistan. He was wearing an assortment of beer cans and refused to leave the top of a fir tree."

Unspecifiedistan's town square appears to be the location of a tomato-throwing ritual.

  • 2083 g.e. "The citizens of Unspecifiedistan will gather in the town square today to throw tomatoes at the front door of the fishmonger's residence. This ancient and beautiful tradition serves no purpose whatsoever."

Unspecifiedistan also may or may not have a skilled blacksmith residing in it as seen in this ad:

  • 2418 g.e. "The Lord of Anvils in Unspecifiedistan will forge any piece of equipment you wish. All orders are accepted, but those for a purity rings will be executed with special zeal.

Additionally, on 1485 g.e., it was confirmed that Unspecifiedistan has at least two bars: Molotov's Cocktail Bar, and the Fly Face Bar. But others are suspected to be there as of 2219 g.e., "Ah, Unspecifiedistan. There are only four taverns here that I'm not banned from."

Previously Thought Lost Forever Recently Discovered Diary Entry

The only first-hand information we have on this town is from a few scraps of diary paper discovered by lost travellers:

!Hero's Diary
23:08 Here we are, Snowy: Unspecifiedistan. The center of the world. The hub of the universe. The best place to get beer for milestones around.
!Hero's Diary
04:25: Rode into Unspecifiedistan on a cloud of dust. No horse, just a cloud of dust.
!Hero's Diary
09:40: Finally back in Unspecifiedistan. Ah, the fresh smell of... oh, I forgot about the lack of sewer systems in this place.
!Hero's Diary
02:42: Ah, Unspecifiedistan. I remember this place from last time. I hope they don't remember me.
!Hero's Diary
01:21: Hmm... Unspecifiedistan. This place looks familiar. I hope they have a nice tavern here.
!Hero's Diary
01:21: With all those alligators in the sewers, it's no wonder Unspecifiedistan doesn't smell great.
!Hero's Diary
08:58: Looked up and saw a winged silhouette projected against the clouds over Unspecifiedistan. Guess a moth must have gotten into the lighthouse again.
!Hero's Diary
01:23: Hello, Unspecifiedistan! Hello, doctors! Hello, civilization... and hello, Molotov's Cocktail Bar!
!Hero's Diary
04:22: Hmm... Unspecifiedistan. This place looks familiar. I hope they have a nice tavern here.
!Hero's Diary
17:20: Finally arrived at Unspecifiedistan. Might want to buy myself a souvenir here.


  1. The Unspecifiedistan University Press recognizes that travel to its headquarters proves difficult for the average Godville citizen, so it arranges for book tour launches and author award ceremonies at Space Bar.
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