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Welcome to Unleashed

Alignment: Brightest
Membership Count: Around 179
Guild Page: Unleashed 
Data current as of 5th of April 2012

We are a Guild of misfits from far and wide, founded in the face of overwhelming adversity many years ago, we are united by a love of fine company, friendship, a good debate, and more often than not the love of a stiff drink or ten. Often going by the nickname 'Ziffers' we roam the lands in search of adventure, entertainment and general light hearted fun, mischief and mayhem.

In spite of the seemingly relaxed approach to business, Ziffers aren't known to shy away from a good fight as and when fighting is required, and will loyally defend one another to the end, such is the close knit nature of our Guild. As such we are skilled in combat, even though combat skills aren't a perquisite for membership.

As often as not though, instead of fighting with brute strength and ignorance, Ziffers are well renowned for debating topics and troubles ad nauseum. Indeed it is not uncommon when confronted with a foe for a Ziffer to engage in debate with them, pressing forth with merciless wit, logic and intelligence until the foe can't take any more and commits suicide.