Unintelligent Lifeform

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Monsters of Godville
Unintelligent Lifeform
[[File:Unintelligent Lifeform.jp]|298px|center|Unintelligent Lifeform.jp]]]
Class Bizarre creature
Description A complex lifeform with a simple mind

Unintelligent Lifeform is a bizarre alien-like creature with sharp claws that, as its name implies, isn't smart. It is often encountered by heroes making irrational decisions and will do so unless it decides to attack the hero or the hero decides to attack it.

If it is put in a desperate situation during combat, the Unintelligent Lifeform will attempt to strategize. However, all of its strategies are extremely predictable and exploitable, and it sometimes shouts its strategies out loud for all to hear. It has also been known to believe that it, itself is its opponent and will start to attack itself. But, heroes who overestimate its stupidity will quickly be surprised because sometimes it unintentionally makes a smart decision.

Bad Decisions Made by Unintelligent Lifeform

Heroes who encounter this monster often record its irrational decisions as something to laugh at. Some of these include:

  • Trying to steal its own wallet
  • Crossing a street without looking for traffic
  • Walking off of cliffs without even paying attention
  • Eating expired food, knowing it is expired
  • Jumping into cold water after sitting in a hot tub
  • Selling a winning lottery ticket
  • Betting all of its money when it has a bad hand whenever it gambles
  • Falling for the same scam repeatedly



  • Is surprisingly fast
  • Sharp claws
  • Cannot be persuaded due to its lack of intelligence
  • Heroes who are overconfident will overestimate its lack of intelligence
  • Can easily defeat a hero that is more lacking in intelligence than it


  • Might attack itself, thinking it is its opponent
  • Is not smart
  • Makes terrible strategies and decisions
  • Highly predictable
  • Smart heroes