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Monsters of Godville
Class Cursed Human
Habitat Alleyways, improv classes, funeral homes.
Totem for TBD ⚜️ 
Description A tall, skinny man with piercing red eyes and extremely pale skin.

The Undermaker was once just a humble undertaker that worked at a funeral home located in Godville called "The White Bone Funeral Parlor". The funeral home had been in his family for generations and he felt was his sole purpose in life with his lack of a family. He was diligent in his work, looking over recently deceased heroes and waiting until they were resurrected to help bring them back on their feet.

The peace for Undermaker, however, didn't last long. Only a year into owning the family business, he started noticed heroes intentionally avoiding the parlor and that some began hysterically giggling at the mention of it. He grew suspicious and proceeded to scour the building for any irregularities that could been seen as so embrassing. Then he looked up at the company name.

It was only to his horror that the family name that he had so cherished and cared for in the absence of his parents had been smeared by those wretched heroes, now reading "The White Boner Funeral Parlor". In desperation, he attempted to erase the "er" and the small phalluses doodled in the corners, but with no success.

Years went by as the funeral parlor became a laughing stock. Heroes who had previously been cared for there were embarrassed and mocked by other heroes. Deceased heroes were explicitly mentioning in their wills to not be placed in the "funeral home of boners". The Undermaker was increasingly digging himself into more debt, having to take out several loans to appease tax collectors and keep the place afloat. He frequented the taverns, having to give fake names in order avoid the place erupting with laughter and insults in his direction. The Undermaker was miserable and felt nothing but contempt for heroes as they jeered at him on the street, usually followed up with how his necrophilia fetish occured.

One day, however, as the drunken Undermaker stumbled his way back to the funeral parlor, he noticed a figure silently leaning up against the double doors and staring at him with glowering red eyes. He, at first, thought this was only another hero readied with insults, but the figure only stood there in silence. As he got closer to the entrance, the figure began to speak. It offered him a new chance at life and endless business, no more hooligan heroes taunting him, only respect. Being in his drunken stupor, he didn't question the whole "endless business" and accepted the deal.

Suddenly, the Undermaker collapsed and the shadow dissappeared. He begun to transform, his hands became enormous with long black claws extending from his finger tips, his eyes more round and beady, body more thin and gangly. He later awoke to a numerous amount of bodies pilied next to himself, blood adorning his newly found claws. Ever since then, the Undermaker stalks the various milestones in search of heroes to add to his funeral home collection.


  • Claws that easily pierce flesh
  • Very agile and aerodynamic
  • A lot of teeth
  • Knows his way around heroes


  • Cries at the word "boner"
  • Mentioning his dead parents
  • Terrible at chess
  • Too tall
  • Hated the word "moist"