Undead Monsters

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An undead Prancing Pony

During Halloween 2012, monsters gained a special resurrection feature that allowed them to become undead after being killed. Heroes would, in turn, need to kill them again. As a result, during Halloween events, the hero could walk away with an Aura of spookiness.

Undead monsters are powerful, and killing one at Halloween might give the hero a chance to yield two artifacts instead of only one. On account of the Undead Monsters being on the tougher side these artifacts are likely to be more sought after (such as being wanted in the Godville Times), or more expensive items. The hero's reward for defeating an Undead Monster could include, but are not limited to, things like a bold artifact, an activatable artifact, or even a golden pumpkin.

Undead diary entries

!Hero's Diary
The already dead monsters crawls towards me exuding a powerful stench. I'll be glad to kill you one more time, Undead Jackalope!

!Hero's Diary
A monster corpse rose from the ground, roared something and started moving towards me. Oh no, that’s an Undead Stare Master!

!Hero's Diary
The Undead Stare Master was killed once again. Made a nice golden pumpkin out of its head.

Halloween 2012 
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