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| image      = ///9C78DDE4-FA08-4935-800E-6DEF1C66FBF6.jpeg
| image      = 9C78DDE4-FA08-4935-800E-6DEF1C66FBF6.jpeg
| caption    = Warning will cause permanent eye damage and or death
| caption    = Warning will cause permanent eye damage and or death
| latin      = Vehementi ultra ray
| latin      = Vehementi ultra ray

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Monsters of Godville
Ultra Violent Ray
Vehementi ultra ray
Warning will cause permanent eye damage and or death
Class Energy Beam
Habitat crowded places
Description ray of violence

The Ultra Violent Ray (Vehementi ultra ray) is a monster that causes violence, and of course, most are either rays themselves or called Ray.

The Ultra Violent Ray is a cunning creature that loves violence. Using the beams it shoots, it can cause chaos in a team and will finish them off with ease. The reason it lives in crowded places is that it is easier to cause frustration. Therefore it can feed on their violence. However, if a team is kind enough it's powers will have no effect and will be destroyed easily.



  • Can cause chaos in teams.
  • Is invisible until it attacks.
  • Can shoot energy beams


  • Gentle teams won't be affected.
  • Smart heroes can channel their rage at it
  • Can be seen if hero is evil.