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The Tyrannosaurus-Ex (Tyrannosaurus ex) is a monster.

Strong Monsters of Godville
Tyrannosaurus ex
Strong Monster
Class Reptile
Habitat Swamps and Shopping Malls
Description A lonely lizard

From the depths of the ashy, molten lava that once inhabited all sorts of amazing creatures called dinosaurs, and that at one time, roamed this vast planet. They were a stronger and bigger creation that one thought would be supreme above all other creations. Unfortunately, brawn and size do not matter when you have no idea how to logically use them. With brains no larger than a pea at times, these creatures were destined to fail.



Thousands of years were able to pass hoping to give these creatures a chance to survive. Undoubtedly, this was not the superior race. So after careful consideration, all the Gods were in favor of destruction of old and creation of new. Meteorites, floods, cannibalism, famine and fires raged though the lands. These horrid plagues took the lives of all, leaving no survivors.

Well almost all... At the time of this mass destruction, there was one who understood that the world he once knew was being taken away right before his eyes. Fending for himself and taking only a few coins and artifacts, the Tyrannosaurus-Ex found himself on a journey for survival leaving this land he has known since begin a little tyke of a dinosaur.

He comes to a cave made out of limestone where he stopped to rest. Once inside, he could hear the sounds of booms and bangs. Rocks fell, and the atmosphere became extremely hot, then nothing.

Frozen in limestone for centuries, this supreme being of his kind, managed to survive above all odds. After much decay that cave finally gave in and once all the rubble and thick clouds of smoke cleared, the Tyrannosaurus-Ex appeared. Walking out of the cave, he sensed his world was gone. Tiny creatures of statue running around screaming and poking those awful sticks into him, he realized things were going to be different.

So on he went, feeding his hunger with the town peasants and livestock, killing mercilessly and very unconventional, leaving no survivors and taking towns and turning them into his afternoon snack.

The horror stories that were once told to children to scare them for their parents own selfish reasons, have now come to life. Even elders are now scared for their lives with the Tyrannosaurus-Ex roaming these vast regions known as Godville. When these are sighted, peasants are advised to run for their lives. Those foolish enough to stay and try to defend their homes are killed instantly by the behemoth. There are rumors that the Tyrannosaurus-ex can breath fire, but as no one can get very close to the beast without being killed before they can tell the tale, these rumours are unconfirmed.

The Tyrannosaurus-Ex is one of the few monsters in Godville commonly known by its scientific name.


The Tyrannosaurus-ex can grow up to 30 feet tall at the highest, but most only grow to 15-20.They are a blue-grey in colour, they bear small splodges of light greens and blues over their bodies, but these are often unnoticeable. Their eyes are described as being dark orange and sometimes red, but some have been seen with yellow or even purple. They have long teeth, the shortest of which are the length of your arm from your elbow to your fingertips. They have strong scales around most of their body, but their arms and underside of the neck are vastly unprotected. They have webbed hands and feet, and their tails have spikes on the tips.


  • Enourmous stature of over 15 foot tall
  • Razor sharp teeth that can puncture dragon scales
  • Tremendous appetite for blood
  • Very formidable opponent
  • Very hard to kill
  • Cannot be tamed


  • Very clumsy due to size
  • Small brain with few cells
  • Very tiny arms with no relative function.
  • There is a soft spot on its tail, 17 scales down and 3 to the right.

Once killed, the reward is tremendous, including rare artifacts from the lost world.

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