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What is turbo mode?

Turbo mode is a special way to update data on your hero page faster. When turbo mode is enabled, the hero page is updated almost instantly. This is especially nice when you influence a hero or send him a message, because you’ll see the result just in 1-2 seconds after sending the action (if turbo mode is disabled same action will take 30-60 seconds). However, it’s useful even in the Arena, because it gives more accurate turn updates.

How do I enable turbo mode?

Take a look at the small colored circle icon next to the hero name at the top menu. The circle is yellow when turbo mode is disabled. A single click on the icon will toggle it on or off. If the icon is blue or green then turbo mode is enabled and works for you. If you enabled turbo mode and it didn’t connect after few seconds – disable it and read troubleshooting section bellow.

Super-Turbo Mode

While using the (super)hero page, a faster version of turbo mode is utilised. While active, the indicator circle is pale blue and while inactive, is pale yellow.

How it works

The turbo mode will try to enable itself automatically when you open the hero page for the very first time (in a given browser). If it determines that it can work it will stay enabled, if it fails to connect – it will disable, leaving the page to update once in a minute or so. At any time you can disable or enable it by clicking on a turbo icon (next to hero name in the top menu). Detailed status information is available if hover your mouse over the turbo icon.

If you’re using the iPhone app turbo will enable itself when connection allows so. There is no special way to enable or disable it. However, you can check the status of turbo on Menu.

Technical details

Godville’s Turbo mode relies on these underlying technologies to update the hero page:

WebSockets: This is a very new technology supported by latest and newest browser (Google Chrome v4.0.249.0 or higher, Apple Safari 5.0.7533.16 or higher, Mozilla Firefox4 beta4 or higher). Page updates via websockets provide best user experience, reduce bandwidth usage and even our server load. When turbo-mode uses WebSockets turbo icon is light-blue. Websockets is probably the best way for everyone and we looking forward when this standard will be supported by other browsers.

Comet: This is rather a set of various hacks to bring real-time data updates to the browsers that don’t support them. Different browsers and even different versions of the same browser might use different hacks. This mode is expected to work in most browsers released 2-3 years ago (Mozilla Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome, Apple Safari 4+, Opera 9.51+, Internet Explorer 7+). However, actual result may vary depending on various factors (the antivirus or other security software that monitors your network connections, http proxy server, etc). The icon is green when turbo works using comet.

Polling: The page will check for the new updates approximately once in a minute, just like this: ”- Are we there yet? – No, not yet. – Are we there yet? – No… – What about now? – @#&!!” This method is as dumb as a rock and will work on any browser with Javascript/AJAX support. However, user experience will be worse than with any of former methods, especially when you influence or somehow interact with the page. This is our last resort to update the page and we fallback to it only after Websockets and Comet had failed. When in this mode, icon color is yellow. It’s quite obvious that WebSockets are the best (but they require compatible browser), and Comet is good enough (if it works for your environment). Next section gives some advices on how to make them work.


We know that sometimes, for some people turbo doesn’t work. In some rare cases the reason is HTTP-proxy server that sits between your and our server and drops connections, but in most cases the problem is in Antivirus or some other security software that monitors network connections and blocks them occasionally for whatever reason

Turbo mode uses ports 80 (HTTP) and 81 (HTTP/WebSockets). Bellow are instructions on how to add exceptions for some of the antiviruses.

  • Avast: double click in antivirus icon in system tray, click on ‘Details’, ‘select Web-shield’ and add exceptions for two URLs that a listed bellow.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2010: double click tray icon, click on ‘Settings’, Web Antivirus, Settings, Exclusions, Add and enter two URLs that a listed bellow.
  • Kaspersky Antivirus (and KIS): Open Settings, Network, Control only selected ports and uncheck port 81.

Update server URLs (for copying them to exclusion list):

  • ws://ws.godvillegame.com:81/

Please use this forum topic to report and discuss all problems related to turbo mode. If you having a problem make sure that you provide this information about your environment:

  • browser (name and version)
  • does is work in other browsers? (in case you have other browsers)
  • antivirus (name and version)
  • firewall (if have one; name and version)
  • do you have a http-proxy (if you know that you have or use one)
  • operating system (windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 etc)