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Work in progress! Please don't give up on joining just from this mess though!

Welcome to Tuonela - the Finnish underworld! Looking for a dead pet or loved one? Sorry, they're probably in a different underworld.

Tuonela (pronounced twa-NEL-a) is a proud, democratic guild, where all ideas are shared and voted on. While we are smaller guild our goal is to work our best to overcome whatever challenge stands in our way, be it a mighty boss monsters deep underground, a massively larger guild in the arena, or the random town drunk who claimed they can out drink any of us (Which is a lie Bob! We can drink you under the table any time any place!)

To put is simply Tuonela's goal is to be the best. Nuff said.

It was said that Tuonela was founded long ago by the mysterious Paroni Oopu who spoke much about the noble platypus. Mysterious and met with disbelief on first encounter, the platypus is all about breaking status quo.

Our missions is to continue breaking the status quo, one beer mugs at a time.

Motto: Turn left at Hades'
Alignment: Bright
High-level Rank: ascension
Gold Fund: 23066 c.u. Pls buys us beer c.u.
Leader: GodEternallyMidnight 
Date Founded: a long time ago on a laptop far far away
Membership Count: 32
Pantheon of unity Rank: 37
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 21
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 156
Guild Page: Tuonela 
Data current as of June 30, 2019

The Kurse of Kablepop

A tale of a mighty heroine, cursed by a jealous beast

Many years ago, the stripeless zebra was a mythical beast, tamed by none and wanted by all. Sharia-Zuul , the greatest animal tamer ever to have graced the underworld of Tuonela, was the first to tame it. At the order of her god, Kablepop, she went searching for the one animal that would cause her name to be passed from generation to generation, spoken in awed whispers. Kablepop got his wish, but not quite how he wanted it.

When the Stripeless Zebra was caught, years of prosperity followed for Sharia-Zuul and her god. Baloo, as they called the zebra, was more than worth the effort. For five long years they reaped the rewards of the tamed beast. It could carry twice that of a horse, and regularly raked in gold from the rich kids of godville who wanted to take photos with it. But back in the forest where the mighty wrestle between Sharia-Zuul and Baloo had taken place a jealous onlooker remained.

It was the striped horse. It harboured a growing resentment towards the good luck of the duo. At first it went to therapy, but it proved no use and made the horse poor,which in turn made it grow in hatred. Finally, the hatred enveloped the beast. It cursed Kablepop and his followers forever.

Miles across the land, the first disaster struck Sharia-Zuul when Baloo tripper and split it hoof. Sharia-Zuul and Kablepop knew that the zebra was too injured to continue it's life as a pack horse and a circus animal. So they decided he humane thing to do was gift the zebra to an orphanage. They left for the day, and when the came back the following day the zebra was gone. Strangely, for the first time in weeks they ate meat at the orphanage, but it was not Baloo, for Kablepop confronted them and they said they didn't, and why would they lie?

That was the start of the curse of Kablepop. Now Kablepop wanders the lands, struggling to tame a pet and keep it for more than a week. It is said if the striped horse is found and killed, the curse will be lifted.

Coming soon pictures, and Friends of the Guild section/