Tropical Yeti

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Monsters of Godville
Tropical Yeti
tropicae montis simiam
Class Hairy Beast
Habitat Coastlines, Jungle
Description A yeti that prefers warm weather.

The Tropical Yeti (tropicae montis simiam) is a monster that prefers scenic ocean views to mountainous terrain.

The origin of the Tropical Yeti is not yet fully understood, and most of what we currently know about them is from legends. Supposedly, a small group of yeti were migrating to a new mountain, but got lost, wound up on a beach and evolved to handle warmer climates. They can be seen roaming in packs of 2-7 individuals up and down the shoreline, occasionally going into the jungle and returning with piles of carcasses. No one has ever actually witnessed Tropical Yetis hunting, and no hero would dare get close to one if they could avoid it.



  • Menacing stature
  • Sharp teeth
  • Tough hide
  • Adept swimmer


  • Despises cold
  • Thick fur causes overheating during Summer
  • Attracted to coconuts