Trojan Horse

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Pets of Godville
Trojan Horse
Equus troiam
Strong Monster
Class Arboric Mammal
Habitat Forest
Description Large, wooden horse
Tame at levels 30–44
Features Riding

The Trojan Horse (Equus troiam "horse of troy") is a very rare tamable monster in Godville.

General Information

Trojan Horses are truly marvels of nature. These horse-like creatures vary in size, but all of their bodies are devoid of organs. They still breathe and eat, but they are completely hollow on the inside. This usually allows for easy, but not very comfortable, travel. Trojan Horses not yet big enough to carry heroes in their bellies will allow the hero to simply ride on their backs.

They are rarely found as pets or near civilization, preferring wide open spaces due to their large size when fully mature. They are relatively gentle though and aren't known to attack passing travelers. The largest Trojan Horses have been used in war, however. Soldiers have been known to hop inside them (the horse swallows them) and ride until at the destination. This allows for an easy transport for many troops at low energy cost. As they are easy to train, practical, and naturally docile, these are some of the best, but rarest, creatures you can find.

The most famous use of a Trojan horse was in Greek history. The Greeks were besieging the city of Troy, and they weren't doing very well. Fortunately, a God took pity on them and sent them a powerful hero with his pet Wooden Horse (then known simply as a Gift Horse), the largest one ever recorded. A sizeable portion of the Greek Army was able to fit inside the pet and—— it being a Gift Horse—— the Trojans did not look in it's mouth, deciding to just accept it into the city. The siege was successful and the horse became legendary. Every Wooden Gift Horse since has been known simply as a Trojan Horse.

Trojan Horses have also been sighted stealing gold from passing travelers and heroes alike, as well as taming companions of their own.




  • Can cause wicked splinters
  • Large hollow middle, perfect for hiding in
  • Has thick apple-sized teeth made of hardwood
  • Very attractive, may be mistaken as a gift by horse loving adversaries
  • Very strong skin
  • Can easily break through stone


  • Termites
  • Extensive periods of time in damp environments
  • Extensive periods of time in dry environments
  • Fire
  • Has difficult time finding large enough horse shoes
  • May occasionally barf up a hero
  • Fear of axes
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