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Beasties of Godville
Olenellus Plagueis
Class Arthropod
Habitat Reefs, Shallow Seas
Description Trilobite, Plague
Type Single-Named
Strength Level 1: 10-19 HP

The Triloblight is a species of trilobite known to inhabit many reefs and harbors in Godville. Though trilobites were thought to have gone extinct hundreds of millions of years ago, this single species still thrives. The secret to its longevity seems to be a symbiotic relationship with a species of mold.

General Information

How mold and trilobites formed a symbiotic relationship confuses people to this day. However, even though the mold is beneficial for the triloblight, it is extraordinarily detrimental to farmers as it has been known to kill crops. This always results in famine. The city of Herowin was plagued by such a famine and the triloblight still remains as public enemy number 1 to this day. They can be identified by a terrible moldy smell that is sometimes beneficial, sometimes detrimental.

Triloblights, luckily, are very weak creatures and are hardly a nuisance to arks. They are known to roll up as a means of self-defense, but it is not very protective against heroes. However, they breed rapidly and spores from symbiotic molds can spoil food stored on the ark. Eating triloblights is highly advised against as symbiotic mold can make heroes sick. Because of how contagious mold spores can be, heroes are required to wear hazmat suits when dealing with them, and any corpses are to be burned to destroy any remaining fungus.



  • Breeds rapidly
  • Toxic mold can cause famine
  • Small Size
  • Can roll up for protection
  • Horrible stench repels predators


  • Easily Defeated
  • Fire kills mold
  • Horrible stench makes them easy to find.
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