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Artifacts of Godville
Trendy cyclops sunglasses
Trendy to some, this particular style has a reading glasses attachment!
Type 🧷Normal
Description Trendy cyclops sunglasses tend to always be trendy, no matter what...

While they come in many styles, for some reason Trendy Cyclops Sunglasses appear to be 'Trendy' no matter their age or fashion. Some Ancient Cyclops Scholars believe, "Cyclops' are just cool. I mean, look at them! That's all that needs said about that, Man."

While cyclops' have, ehhh, questionable tastes, their Trendy Sunglasses leave nothing to the imagination. Though they do make you wonder, wouldn't a cap be more efficient? The exact social nuances of the cyclops may be unknown at the moment, but it's clear that they have molded their particular tastes around certain trends and phases the heroes have gone through.

Uses of Materials

Due to the shape of the Cyclops head many of their sunglasses need a strap, usually a snappy leather, which many shopkeepers refurbish and repair into new items for adventuring heroes with some coin to spend. Some common reuses of this leather are; bandages for doctors and healing items, straps for backpacks knapsacks and the like, belts and coveralls, sword hilts and snazzy new leather bindings for their best-selling diaries.

The large tinted lenses have many uses, also. Many temples been adorned with them for a fetching moonroof, for example. Other than windows, you may see these lenses placed into many other artifacts a trader sells. The prescription lenses have not made good windows or roofs, so these are normally cut up for artifact refurbishment to collectors and, in turn, pass on their 'trendy' quality to other items.

Instructions for Use


The crude pictographic states:

  • Step 1. Cram it into your Eyehole
  • Step 2. Wiggle until satisfied