Transportation skills

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In the land of Godville there is no such thing as cars, bicycles, skater, mopeds, etc. The only things Heroes have to move from town to town are their two feet. As we all know, cities are miles and miles apart. So it is obvious for heroes to want to get to a new town, or go back to the nearest one, as fast as possible. This is why they learn Transportational skills.

These are not for fighting, trading, or gold brick making. These skills allow your precious little hero to jump from milestone to milestone like a flea on steroids. These skills are useful for times when the hero has to go back and heal, get a new quest, or simply drop off their loot.

Normally, a hero progresses by 1 milestone a minute or so. With one o' these skills, those pesky milestones go down by 2's, 3's, maybe even 5's! This greatly reduces the time spent on the road and can make the hero burn hundreds of extra calories.

List of transportational skills