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Artifacts of Godville
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Do not use on heroines.
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Transform bold items into Golden bricks

The Transmogrifier is an activatable artifact capable of turning one or more bold artifacts in a hero's inventory into one or more gold bricks.


The transmogrifier is a magical cardboard box about the size of a hero's head. When activated, it turns upside down, sucks in one or more bold items in a hero's inventory, transmogrifies them into golden bricks, spits out the golden bricks, and then disappears. Activation requires 50% of godpower. The transmogrifier may or may not transmogrify all of the bold items in the hero's inventory into gold bricks.

The transmogrifier was invented by Calvin and his best friend Hobbes. Originally, the transmogrifier could turn its contents into any number items including an eel, baboon, bug, dinosaur, boy, tiger, toad, frog, worm, or a bowl of chowder. On 2 g.e., the Machina Corporation in the town of Tradeburg purchased the exclusive distribution and patent rights to the transmogrifier from Calvin. The Corporation quickly modified it to turn any bold artifact into a golden brick. According to the lead engineer, it took tireless nights and a few 120 hour work weeks. Upon further reflection, it appears as though the engineer just took a black sharpie to cross out the various output options and just wrote "golden brick" in the blank spot. Estimated work time was seven minutes. In any case, the Machina Corporation now produces many transmogrifier devices daily. After production, transmogrifiers are sold to monsters. Heroes often come into possession of transmogrifiers by defeating those monsters.

Activation of a transmogrifier will commonly turn three of the bold items in a hero's inventory into golden bricks, but as few as one or as many as five bold items have been turned into golden bricks. If a hero does not have any bold items and the transmogrifier is activated, the transmogrifier will usually disappear.

As with any artifact, heroes have been known to give away a transmogrifier to another hero as a gift.

Instructions for use

Place some stuff into the box. Lift it, and Pow! Shazam! Golden bricks!

This item can transform one or several bold items in inventory into golden bricks (requires 50% of godpower

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