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The bustling port city of Tradeburg is located in the center of several trade routes, making it an ideal smelting pot of various cultures from different lands. Merchants in this town often travel from distant lands and often seek exotic items to sell to their distant clientèle. As such, it is said that this is the ideal place for heroes to lighten their load of loot while maximizing their profits.



Hundreds of years ago, a wandering merchant set up camp in an isolated spot near the sea. His goal was to sail to Los Adminos and live the rest of his years in peace. He had some items but no money to make the trip. After a few days, a passing Hero, who became a legend in Herolympus, decided to buy from this man. Noticing that the items were of high quality. He kept coming back. Soon, other heroes followed, and they even traded among themselves. After awhile, other merchants came to sell their stuff. In only a few months, the site was packed with merchants and heroes and regular townsfolk wanting to trade. There were so many tents, they decided to construct buildings. Eventually, it simply became a city.