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Towns are bustling bastions of civilization that provides the weary hero with much-needed respite from the difficult life of adventuring. As the major landmarks of Godville, they are the most visited geographical locations and often have large populations consisting mostly of traders, thieves (which really come under the traders category), doctors, priests and other heroes. Some towns are better than others and some may even be considered great tourist attractions. Heroes take time to relax in these often very social places, and to prepare themselves for the next phase in their current quest. Think of them as the hero's pit-stop and you can't go wrong. Each town is located at a certain Milestone.

List of Towns

Time and money wasting

These are the things heroes may choose to get up to in towns, in no particular order:

  • Sacrifice Gold to their god at a place of worship.
  • Pray to their god which results in an increase of Godpower.
  • Replenish their health either by sitting under a tree and resting, visiting a doctor or in more extreme cases, being admitted to hospital.
  • Spend large amounts of Gold having a good time at Pubs,Taverns and at the concerts of their favourite Bands.
  • Try to find a date and continually get rejected, often with negative effects for their health.
  • Get robbed, resulting in loss of Gold.
  • Only in Godville Get assigned a new Quest when current one is complete.