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The idea of this page is to pool all our information on the towns in Godville. This includes where they are in terms of milestones, and anything special about them. However, since everything here is unproven, they cannot be taken to be true since in all probability the distance between towns is completely random.


-Where a hero sets out from.

-He can be transported here by sending him to the arena or using the portable tunnel item, after which he will begin a new journey without needing to return to his previous milestone count.

-Heros have their temples here, and will sometimes collect an amount of gold, determined by the number of gold bricks they possess, upon visiting.


-Located roughly at 29 milestones.

-Hero's waste more money than usual here, somewhere in the region of 50-99% of their total gold.


-Located roughly at 60 milestones

Los Demonos

-Located roughly at 70 milestones.

-It is here that dead heroes are often resurrected.


-Located roughly at 100 milestones.

-Hero's earn about twice as much from selling their loot here.

Los Adminos

-Located roughly at 130 milestones.

San Satanos

-Located roughly at 220 milestones

Other towns