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Equipment of Godville
Toe trucks
Toe trucks.jpg
An exposed toe truck
Worn πŸ‘–Legs
Durability +80
Description Motorized skates

The Toe trucks are racing shoes that can help your champion get from point A to point B before light itself. [1]

Catch a ride!

Heroines travel hundreds of milestones every week. Monsters, castles and beers don't usually come to them, but there's no need to go search them afoot. Get them tip toes into one of our trucks. This babies will get you running down the roads like you were running in the 90's. It's like rollerblades but fueled by kerosene.

We will say it louder but we can't say it clearer. "Catch a riiiiide!!!" Come on, fisical integrity is for cowards.

Things you can do in Toe trucks

  • Walk your pet but faster. Make your little companion break a sweat trying to chase your blazing trail.
  • Spice up races. Beating someone to the next milestone takes a whole new dimension when you can outrace bullets.
  • Charge into battle. Just imagine shoving something in a baddie's chest while standing in top of two Toe trucks.
  • Pimp your rides. Everything looks better when you give it your personal touch. Have fun making your engines the hottest thing around.

Customer disclaimer

This footwear is an unlawful mechanical abomination no one in their right mind would ride on. Their maker has created a device uncapable of properly steering or stopping. The only safe use for Toe trucks is to gain advantage in combat by using short dashes that will power your charges or help you dodge blows.



  1. ↑ With enough luck, it can even help to determine the longest distance between those points.
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