Titanium Gingerbread Man

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Monsters of Godville
Titanium Gingerbread Man
Class Robot
Habitat Mountains
Description 30ft tall metal gingerbread man

Created out of pure hatred and revenge, the Titanium Gingerbread Man was forged, not baked. The Chef's goal was to kill everyone who had mocked his skills. After countless hours of churning and molding and crafting, he unleashed his creation upon the world. The TGM was seemingly indestructuble until someone hit one of the irondrop buttons. The chef was soon found and executed by the court's order for terrorizing. Now the TGM roams freely in search of others like itself. Meanwhile, other bakers pulled off the same stunt, but this time to rule the world.

Being created out of fury makes this guy a threat. They are on average 30 feet tall and 2 feet thick. While they aren't agile, they do have power. Enough to flatten a cement house in one pounding of the fist. It only has eyes and a poorly drawn mouth. Some variants have an actual face or their entire body painted like a real gingerbread man. Because of its high defense, Heroes have to focus only on its irondrop buttons. These were crafted with a thin layer of metal, so any weapon can tear them open. Then, the "heart" is exposed, leaving them vulnerable.


  • Massive power
  • Its "skin" is two feet thick
  • Resistant to explosives


  • Irondrop buttons burst open, revealing its heart
  • Rusts with water
  • Heat from fire or lava can melt it
  • Really slow mover