Tire Iron Lion

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The Tire Iron Lion (Vectis leo) is a monster. He was once known to be the most skilled mechanic in all the land, but walked away from that life to become a deadly assassin. His preferred weapon is a tire iron. Soon after a kill, the Tire Iron Lion will eat the flesh of his victim and sometimes drink a beer or two. The Tire Iron Lion is easily poisoned by small bits of hero-flesh soaked in axle grease. He cannot say no to this tasty treat and calls it "yummy" despite the poisonous effect.

Monsters of Godville
Tire Iron Lion
Class Mammal
Habitat Junk yards
Description A deadly lion


  • Excellent knowledge of physic; especially levers
  • Can remove many tough nuts
  • Makes a horrible cloud of smoke when burned


  • Must be re-inflated every 3000 miles
  • Easily distracted by string
  • Sleeps almost all day