Tinkerbell's Entourage

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Tinkerbell's Entourage
Motto: TBC
Alignment: Hanging slightly to the left Humane
Gold Fund: 24699 c.u.
Membership Count: ~65
Forum Headquarters: Tinkerbell's Entourage
Guild Page: Tinkerbell's Entourage 
Data current as of 31 January 2016

"Do you believe in fairies? If you believe clap your hands. Don't let Tinker die." - P. Pan.

As Peter had his Lost Boys, so Tinker had her Entourage. Children who never grew up: sweet and adorable, playfully innocent souls. And vicious sods when nobody's looking.


Current Activities

When not questing, popular activities include:

  • Doing nothing
  • Complaining about others doing nothing
  • Drinking beer in the nearest tavern
  • Ignoring complaints about doing nothing
  • Copying out our diaries in our Best Handwriting
  • Telling people to stop doing nothing Or Else!
  • Hitting the snooze button
  • ignoring the bait to continue doing nothing

Membership Requirements

Seek entry to the guildhall all whom desire low wages, a bad reputation, unskilled guild mates who rarely communicate, and a lot of frustration not getting things done.

Heroes must fulfill one of two criteria:

  1. Have a Deity able to give the command Join "Tinkerbell's Entourage" guild; or,
  2. Be lucky enough to stumble across the quest themselves.