Ticking Crocodile

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This is a Peter Pan reference. Captain Hook lost his hand to said crocodile, and he fears and hates the reptile.

As for why this particular crocodile is bothering the your hero here in this part of the universe is anyone's guess; perhaps your hero or heroine reminds the beast of someone he once ate.

Not very brutal as monsters go. Also known to be ashamed of itself, it sometimes claims not to tick or even be a crocodile at all.

The Ticking Crocodile is known to find it's victims by smelling their fear caused by its ticking. Once this crocodile smells fear there is no stopping it from hunting down its prey.

If you encounter the Ticking Crocodile the best thing to do is remain calm and not show any fear for if you do the crocodile will become a very vicious and blood thirsty beast intent on quenching its thirst.