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Monsters of Godville
Thugs Bunny
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

Most people have heard of cartoon legend Bugs Bunny. Prepare to meet his lesser known brother, Thugs Bunny. Thugs had an unfortunate life, and it left him cold and unfeeling. He is a notorious criminal, wanted on several shows by a number of disgruntled animators. Because most of T. Bunny's life History has conveniently disappeared, the true reason why he initially turned to a life of crime is unknown. Therefore, he is a topic of much debate. His family is assumed to be quite large. Several theories concerning Thugs state that he may not have gotten enough attention as a child, and therefore developed a craving for attention coupled with a violent and resentful nature. Other similar theories guess that Thugs lived in the shadow of Bugs Bunny too long and became bitter and resentful. Farfetched concepts of his life have countered that perhaps he was a pet scorned by his owners, forced into a life of crime in order to survive. Those who have been unfortunate enough to run into Thugs Bunny didnt get the opportunitity to ask questions. No relation to Dust Bunny

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