Thirteenth Apostate

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Monsters of Godville
Thirteenth Apostate
Cursed to wander the earth
Habitat The roads of Godville
Description Sad and bitter wanderer

The Thirteenth Apostate is a bitter ex-follower of a god. The apostate was always made to go get coffee and donuts, whereas the other twelve got all the miracles and press. It should be noted, however, that the perceived mistreatment usually stemmed from some misconduct on the part of the apostate.

The apostate got tired of all the thankless abuse and ditched the god. Of course, not before selling out the location of the other twelve apostles for a hefty fortune of artifacts and gold. In a fit of rage, the god cursed the Thirteenth Apostate to “wander the earth forever” and “enjoy suffering for eternity, you ungrateful prick!”

The Thirteenth Apostate has a deep hate for all faithful followers of gods, and seeks to destroy them at every possible turn. But as anyone who has ever managed to have a drink with the sad and lonely wanderer knows, the apostate is really just masking their own guilt and jealousy with wanton violence.


  • Used to being mistreated
  • Blends easily into crowds
  • Cursed to wander the earth forever
  • Also cursed to literally enjoy suffering


  • Breaks down into tears when confronted
  • Tired all the time
  • Abundant wealth makes it a target
  • Scared of lightning