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Champion of the God: Alaniani
Personality: pure evil
Gender: Male
Level: 24
Motto: Best foot backwards
Guild: Lost Tribe
Guild Rank: Master
Wins / Losses: 4 / 1
Temple Completion Date: None
Pet Type: Rocky Raccoon
Pet Name: Stubby
Pet Level: 8

Thei 'Shortsword' Frost was born on an undetermined date years ago. No one knows quite how old he is, but he likes to think he is in his twenties. His life before he became a hero is mostly unknown, however he tries his best to record his adventures and escapades in a diary. He lives under the care of the Goddess Alaniani, who's presence in the world of Godville is largely enigmatic as well.

Life Pre-Hero

What little is known about Thei is around his early life. Abandoned in the forest around Beerburgh, his only possessions were a chipped flash and a sticky note which told the world his name. It is common gossip for those who know Thei that his parents were famous adventurers as well, who gave their son up in exchange for a life of heroism. Of course, it wasn't long before his foster parents - an elderly couple living in a bit nearby - discovered this mewling infant and took him in. Devout followers of natures' path, the couple raised Thei on home grown wonders and the occasional skewered monster. Thei lived a happy life with these people.

Until ten years later. One day the couple left for the nearby town and never returned. It was at this point that the young Thei decided to leave the house in which he'd grown up in search of the couple. His first adventure outside was a partial success - while he didn't find the couple and instead got horribly lost, he did discover the dead body of another hero. Instead of calling for help, Thei chose to steal the weapons and armour of this fallen hero, and walked off deeper into the woods in search of more adventure.

All that is known about Thei in the following ten years is that he cropped up every so often - dirty, injured, but alive - at various inns throughout the land. It is rumoured that on his travels, Thei stumbled across the birthplace of the Gods and Goddesses. Thei has yet to confirm or deny this allegation, refusing to answer any questions regarding this and choosing instead to run away towards the nearest pint of beer.

Thei's Religion

It was one day while drinking in Godville's largest tavern that Thei happened across a man by the name of Alanis. Over several long drinks, the two discussed each others past; with Thei recounting some of his adventures and Alanis recounting the time he'd won the annual drinking contest of Godville several times (in fact, he appeared to be quite the local hero, with bartenders and adventurers alike cheering and nodding along with his tales). Closing time arrived, and Thei left the inn with Alanis. The two wandered along the forest paths, chatting about guild memberships and weapon exchanges, when Alanis took a sudden turn towards a small cave. Curious, Thei followed. Upon entering the cave, Thei watched as Alanis burst into flames. Drunk though he was, Thei was sure that this wasn't real, and began to leave when he was stopped by a heavenly voice. Standing before him was a young goddess, who still managed to be intimidating despite her small stature.

She told him of her trickery, that she often dressed as a hero named Alanis to gain insights into the daily lives of heroes and heroines. She told Thei of her desire to walk among them, to step inside the shoes of them. Allegedly (although Thei still has yet to confirm this), the Goddess had been banished to wander the land unless she found use for her divine powers. To give her use in the world (and also to help himself out, for Thei lacked guidance and wished for more gold every day), Thei offered to give her a subject to care for - namely, himself.

Since then, Thei has been the one and only devout follower of Alaniani.


When in his lonely years, Thei obeyed a very neutral lifestyle, choosing to kill or show mercy depending on how he felt that day and nothing more. However, under the guidance of his Goddess, Thei was directed more and more towards the path of light, showing kindness towards many people and always saying prayers to his Goddess every evening. At one point, Thei strived towards becoming sober. This somewhat abnormal lifestyle was frowned upon by his fellow heroes and heroines, provoking more than a few odd looks from his allies. But Thei had a secret no-one else knew. Each night, his Goddess would look down on his work, and would be pleased. So pleased, that she would bestow showers of gifts onto Thei - golden and brick shaped gifts. It wasn't long before Their was both pure and rich.

And then it all fell apart. One day, Thei decided to use his golden bricks as a new currency to buy himself more power and weapons. It just so happened to be the day that his Goddess had decided to wander amongst the humans once again. So when Alanis caught Thei bartering with a pile of golden bricks, she was less than amused. Days passed without Alaniani interacting with Thei. No matter how much Thei prayed ordid good deeds, she didn't return. In the end, Thei gave up trying, and ended up back where he started - wandering the forest and killing as he saw fit.

Weeks passed that saw Thei alone. Then, unexpectedly, he wasn't alone any more. He was battling a monster with all his might. Just as he brought the sword down for the kill blow, he was taunted with the face of his Goddess, and stopped. The poor monster was quivering, slightly injured, but otherwise unharmed. Deciding to show mercy, Thei left him behind.

Setting up camp that night, Thei saw movement out the corner of his eye. It was the monster from earlier, sniffing for food. When it saw Thei, it ran, but not before Thei had thrown it some food. This happened night after night. Thei came up with a nickname for the animal - Stubby he was called. Thei provided warmth and, in return, Stubby provided company.

One night, Thei had a vision. He dreamt that Alaniani had taken Stubby, had killed him out of spite. She said to Thei that his pet had disobeyed him and needed punishment. Awaking from the dream in a frightened panic, Thei saw a large animal eating his food stash. Without a second thought, Thei weilded his sword high and slashed at the beast. Only to find that the beast was his faithful companion Stubby. Overwhelmed with emotion, Thei ran into the forest, only to come face to face with Alanis. Thei threw himself at her feet, begging for her to save Stubby. She agreed, but the agreement came with a price. For every time Thei gave Stubby food, or sat with him, or basically interacted with him in any way, Alaniani would punish Thei. Even though these terms were harsh, Thei agreed, if only to save his friend.

This brings us to Thei today. With every good feeling Thei receives from Stubby, he is in instant pain. This pain acted like tortuous treatment, twisting Thei to become vicious and hostile towards people and monsters alike. But he remains faithful to Stubby, just as Stubby is loyal to Thei.