The lone knights

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THE LONE KNIGHTS meetings are held at a mystical place which is always on the edge and sectof the known world, also knownfull as full the tavern. The same can be said for funerals and any other gatherings. In the tavern it is customary to down insane amounts of beer, squirrely temples and until recently, God's ambrosia cocktails (they were banned due to undesirable side effects). The unofficial motto is actually "To the Tavern!" and as a result of members saying it too often and that members are rarely seen outside this place. Our pets, too, enjoy drinking beer at the tavern, resulting in many stumbling beasts falling asleep on the floor which then trip up anybody walking past. This eventually caused a new section in the tavern to be opened: the Beast-bar.

Like other guilds, we have a Guild Council conference chat (not related to the guild council listed below) which all full members can join in with. However, members who decide to spam and foul up the place are liable to be expelled immediately, and without hope of being let back in.

The Recognition Symbol: In order that guild members may be recognized in pantheons and ect, active members should add the guild recognition symbols to their motto. Just copy and paste this symbol: £K