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The Writers
Motto: Coming Soon.
Date Founded: 14 October 2015 (2101 g.e.)
Guild Page: The Writers 


"The Writers" Guild is a guild dedicated to help all people of Godville with writing, reviewing, and ideas for their chronicles and stories. The guild is a new concept in which members do not have to physically join the guild to be a member as long as they contribute to helping others with their chronicles and story telling.


Should you wish to join The Writers Guild, you simply need to type Join “The Writers” guild into your Voice of God box once you have reached the level 12 or higher.

For the largest chance of success, send the command while your hero is outside of town, not heading back to town and is idling. (i.e. not fighting a monster) If the above does not succeed after several tries, try replacing the word "join" with the word "enroll".


The following members below are willing to help with ideas, reviewing and guidance on writing your chronicles and stories. You may contact them threw the Forums or Private Message.

M = Member within the guild.
MA = Member who are also in other guild.

M GodShadows Ghost 
The founder of "The Writers" guild and first official member. Shadows Ghost has a deep interest in the paranormal, folklore and the occult. If you need some inspiration for something creepy, here is your man. If you want to meet someone creepy, still your man.

MA GodDrakkar Storytelling Rank = 108
Co-founder and first non-official member of The Writers guild. Drakkar is open about being dyslexic and will help anyone who suffers from it aswell. He has years of experience and many tips and tricks on dealing with it. Drakkar is a big Jules Vernes fan and works best as a scientific mind. He is probably not the guy you want to go to if you are looking for ideas on magic or witch craft. BEWARE OF DRAKKARS DRUNKEN BEAR HUGS.

MA GodHoly Spirit of Hell  Storytelling Rank = 89
Is a mansly man who mans mansly. If ever you needed a mansly idea, this is your man.

MA GodTrob 
Creator of a chronicles so big, he could no longer contain the beast in his chronicles. He then lured the beast into the larger greener wiki pastures with a thesaurus where he fed it with the dictionary of Godville and it grew into possibly the biggest chronicles in all Godville. He can do this because he has a very big brain. Unlike many others, he use simple and witty way of writing.

MA GodGod2000  Storytelling Rank = 477
Everything you need to know about this god can be found on their Personal Wiki.

MA GodMommitude Storytelling Rank = 7
Not only is she the fierce leader of the "Hug Central" guild, she is quite possibly one of the nicest people you will meet in Godville. She is always ready to give a big hug and a bottle of warm embrace. If you are wanting to write about pure good, look no further than right here.

MA GodDerelict Red  Storytelling Rank = 44
You could say his chronicles is a mix between Bob Ross, the Shining, and Conan the barbarian. It's so dark yet so colorful. It makes you want to paint a happy little tree then engulf it in gasoline and flames.

MA GodMalik Red  Storytelling Rank = 22
Red rhymes with dead said the Wind Up Toy, and if you need inspiration for your twisted desires, look no further then Malik Red. Hey, that rhymes :)

MA GodHigh king of undies Storytelling Rank = 20
Don't get your undies in a wad because the king is here. The High king of undies, a brilliant person for all your brilliant needs.

MA GodAliamei 
She loves to write about fantasy and magic, she is very fond of a giant cat that she replaced the moon with and plays with a cart. Kitty, need we say more.

MA GodPortico 
Is much too busy picking locks to take time on a witty introduction for herself (¬_¬). And Drakkar is amused watching Portico picking an unlocked lock. Keep jiggling the handle, it will open eventually.

M GodTuxedoSalt 
The James Bond... Of salt. He may also be the mortal enemy of slugs and snails.

MA GodWyrmwood 
And the name of the star is Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they became bitter. Here is a writer of biblical proportions, not in size but in style.

MA GodArthuri Victori 
This authors chronicles take strong ties to anime in style and imagery along with plot twist. At one moment it can be cute little girls playing violins, then without warning the world around them explodes into chaos. Then soon again its strawberries and cupcakes. Mmmm... Cupcakes.



Their name goes here.


Story Title Here

WARNING This is a test story, in the event that this was an actual story, something better then this will be here. If you are seeing this message, it's because this is a brand new contest that has not been done yet.

A story in this section would be much better then what is here now. This guild has many talented Writers who could do much better then this.


GodKorrigan FIRST OFFICIAL JUDGE Nov 28, 2015



1. Entries should be between 100 to 750 words. Your story should be submitted to "The Writers" guild forums with the first line saying this is a submission to the Flash Fiction Contest followed by your title and story.

2. You do not have to be a member of "The Writers" guild to enter the contest. Everyone is welcomed

3. Your submissions should not reflect negatively or insult other players or guilds. Use of profanity should correspond with Godville forum rules. Sexual content is not permitted. You can write a love story, just keep it PG.

4. The winner of the contest will have their story displayed in the Wiki and become the judge for the next Flash Fiction contest. Their story and name will stay in the Wiki until there is a new winner and then their name will be moved into a list of previous winners.


1. If a judge is unable to meet the commitment, please contact a contest committee member to make arrangements for an extension or replacement judge.

2. Judges can not enter submissions while in the role of judge.

3. A judge should view and treat each submission fairly. A judge can not refuse to view a submission just because they do not like an individual or guild. A judge should not give a win to a friend if they feel someone else has written a better submission. Everyone must be treated fairly.

4. Any problems should be brought to the contest committee.


1. Changes or adding of rules are to be done before a contest starts. Changes to rules during a contest should only be made if the changes are necessary to prevent disruption of the contest or to insure fairness to all participants. Any other changes to the rules should be applied to the next contest.

2. If contacted by a judge stating that they will not be able to participate in that days contest judging, an extension of 24 hours can be offered to the judge. If the problem can not be reconciled in 24 hours, an replacement judge(s) should be brought in to insure fairness to participants.

3. If a judge is missing from the scheduled contest judging. A reasonable amount of time of up to 24 hours may be given to attempt to contact the judge. If the judge can not be contacted in a reasonable time, an replacement judge(s) should be brought in to insure fairness to all participants.

4. If a replacement judge is required, any contest committee members who currently do not have submissions in the contest should agree for up to two willing and neutral individuals to judge the contest. The judge(s) can be members of the contest committee, or individuals outside "The Writers" guild just as long as they do not have a submission in the contest.

5. Committee members will agree to the start and stop dates of each contest.


GodDerelict Red