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The Whinery Sign

The Whinery is a tavern that specialises in listening to weary heroes and heroines. People often confuse with a dedicated wine bar, but they're mistaken. Our slogan is "It's just wine. If you can taste something else, we probably haven't washed your glass very well...".

About us

All of The Whinery staff is highly trained and professional. They all have experience working as therapists, and they can listen to your whining all day and all night long. And, in contrast to The Rumor Mill, they're bound by barman-client (semi)confidentiality, so your trouble might be heard of somewhere else, but your name is unlikely to come up. They don't know anything about wine, so, please, just stop asking.

We also have a physical therapist and a couple of masseurs on site every day to relieve the pressure and aching of the tired travellers and vanquished heroes and heroines returning from the arena. Newly, every Thursday is the Vanquers Choice, where all the noble defeated heroes get 2 for 1 drinks of their choice.

W(h)ine list

The W(h)ine Selection

We offer a wide range of various drinks. Mostly beers, cocktails and spirits. However, people seem to keep asking us about our selection of wines, so here it is in its full glory.

  • Red Wine — made out of real certified red grapes[1]
  • White Wine — made out of real certified white grapes[2]
  • Bubbly wineLimited edition! — got 'em bubbles![3]

What else would you want from us?! Just choose your colour.


Our menu consists mainly of comfort foods to suit the needs of our customers.

References and footnotes

  1. At least 5 different people from the vineyard looked at the grapes and said: "Yup, it's red all right!"
  2. At least 5 different people from the vineyard looked at the grapes and said: "Uhm, let's call it white..."
  3. "Ugh, boss?! There are bubbles in this batch... Dunno why!" --Anonymous employee (definitely not Brad)
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