The Way of Pathos

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The Way of Pathos is one of the most valiant and noble paths any member of Godville can choose to embark upon. Pathos, the name of the world system Path.0S in which Godville’s god/goddess and their minion reside, is a replacement for the older Path.D0S, which came to a tragic end when the Earth’s atmospheric shell was pierced by a large falling meteor, leaving only a kernel of it’s original mass and atmosphere.

For the lucky few who follow the way of Pathos, the road is defined not by such mundane things as facts or figures, but by more certain and real emotions. We do not think with our head, but with our heart. Like Gibbs in NCIS, our gut is always right. Science, technology, reality, all of these get in the way of what is most important – that we know best. Our emotional reaction to whatever we come across is always the best indicator of if it’s in our best interest. If we are scared of it, it’s bad. If it tastes good in small quantities, it must taste better in large quantities, and with bacon. If one beer is good, then a whole keg of bacon beer must be better.

The way of the pathos is completed when one reaches complete emotional self indulgence. It follows a Buddhist eightfold path, with ‘right’ being defined as ‘right for your personal emotional gratification, even at the cost of others’. Those who have completed this path of righteous gutness include Keith Olberman, the character of Stephen Colbert and most of the Fox news network.