The Unknown

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The Unknown
Alignment: Bright
Totem Monster: Unknown User
High-level Rank: Anonymous
Gold Fund: 28057 c.u.
Leader: GodExelero 
Date Founded: Information Redacted
Membership Count: 41
Town with Greatest Influence: Not Set (0%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 43
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 76
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 41
Pantheon of adventure Rank: 353
Guild Page: The Unknown 
Data current as of 3rd October 2017

Nobody really know who creates The Unknown. Many people believe that they are just a myth, as they hear bizarre stories from one wanderer to another about the members of the guild. Some said that they're a friendly ally but others believe that they're the true face of fear.

The Unknown is an omnipresent group of vigilantes who lurk in the shadows, only to come out whenever they are needed, and whenever they are wanted. They are the silent guardians and watchful protectors of Godville and its surrounding islands. They are soft, yet strong. They are fearless, yet friendly. They are everywhere, and yet they are Unknown.

About The Unknown

Who & What We Are

∆ We are a friendly group of people who will always try to help each other out, that's why we encourage our members to be kind, friendly and loyal. As the wise Raymond Reddington once said "Value loyalty above all else". But besides that we encourage all our members to get involved in the Guild Council to not only make new friends but have fun in the process.

∆ In terms of our alignment, we try to be more towards the encouraging side of the alignment. However we wouldn't mind if few of our members are more towards the evil alignment we don't force our members to play the game a certain way. Our members can contribute if and whenever they like, you can do this by encouraging your hero(ine) whenever possible.

Tip: It would be more beneficial if your hero(ine) is in a town as it would not only give them a slight advantage but would also help the guild gain popularity in that particular town.

Joining/Preventing From Leaving

How To Join The Unknown

1) Your hero(ine) must be at least level 12 to join a guild.

2) Send a Voice of God command: Join '"The Unknown" guild. This works best when your hero(ine) is idle and outside a town.

3) Do NOT cancel your current quest.

How To Prevent From Leaving

• If by any chance you see your hero(ine) trying to leave the guild, you can cancel the action by using the voice command: Cancel Quest

• Your hero(ine) may leave the guild after 28 days of inactivity(i.e not logging in for 28 days straight)