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| retirement = Very soon
| retirement = Very soon
| currentsavings = 282 Thousand
| currentsavings = 282 Thousand
| pet = rocky raccoon
| pet = evil minion
| petname = Stitch
| petname = Buck
| petlevel = Unknown
| petlevel = 2
| petpersonality = Clumsy
| petpersonality = Unknown
| petres = Unknown
| petres = Unknown
| town = Nothingham
| town = Nothingham

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The Stargazer
The Stargazer.png
Champion of the God: Jiabang
Personality: between righteous and neutral
Gender: Male
Level: 52
Motto: What if...
Guild: We Are Atheists
Guild Rank: Master
Guild Position: Unknown
Wins / Losses: 3/5
Temple Completion Date: 01/03/2021, 03:19 (Templehood: 36424)
Ark Completion Date: In construction
Pairs Gathered Date: To be done
Retirement Date: Very soon
Current Savings: 282 Thousand
Pet Type: evil minion
Pet Name: Buck
Pet Level: 2
Pet Personality: Unknown
Pet Healing Count: Unknown
Favorite Town: Nothingham
Largest Ever Gold: Certainly wasted on gins and beers
Most Hated Monster: Ducktator
Personal Rival: You!

The Stargazer was born in a humble brick house, around the September of 2019. With just few seconds of life, he was able to stand up and walk like a normal person, and alhtough this is not like Benjamin Button, it is surely a remarkable feat. But as we know, that is something all heroes and heroines do when they first enter this world, so it is not a remarkable feat at all, but as long as he's happy, I just let it slide.