The Sharp Quills

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The Sharp Quills
Alignment: neutral
Date Founded: 3722 g.e.
Guild Page: The Sharp Quills 

This is "The Sharp Quills" guild, which serves as the house of all those who wish to create both in and out of Godville. In this club creators of all kind are welcome not only to join but to contribute and share their works.

Tilted Tiles Mansion

A piece of the finest architecture which serves as the guild's headquarters. The Mansion is located in a deep pocket of Quirkytown where art and crafstmanship are usual and rampant, so much that even this very house has been used twice as a canvas.

It is worth mentioning that this was once the lair of an excentric banker who squandered their wealth in a reckless pursuit of art. This is not only an inspiring precedent for The Sharp Quills bit also the reason why we are repairing the whole mansion, since it has been a disgraced for no less than three decades.

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