The Pengwing Family

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The Pengwing family
Founded at: ~April 6th 2015 [verification needed]
Number of members: 24
Forum thread: The Families- Role playing

The Pengwing family is a family on Godville that, having developed at the forums, has 24 members at present day. It started to emerge in the beginnings of April 2015, a product of Banana Girl's and Scorpi0's imagination.


This family is all about having fun role-playing, so we ask you to follow these some simple rules:

  1. Don't play other people's characters!
  2. If your character wasn't around when something happened, he/she usually doesn't know it happened.
  3. Nobody is perfect, not even your character - so things can go wrong.

For more information please have a look at Brinjal's role-play guide.


The history of the Pengwing Family is very complex and not many people know about it. What we can tell you might not be 100% factual. [Authors note: This is more of a story than a history of the Pengwings]

Times and Emma

It all started with a man named Times. Times was a handsome man, and all the women loved him. But Times didn't love women. In fact, he grew sick and tired of them staring at him, whispering about him, giggling and just basically stalking him. But one day, Times met a young lady called Emma (Full title: Emma the First). She was a beautiful young lady, with silky black hair and stunning green eyes. She didn't stare and giggle at Times like the other women did. She just went on about her business. She had a secret though. She actually liked Times herself but she just didn't show it.

Times had started talking to this young lady Emma, and after awhile started developing a liking towards her.

After their first meeting, Times went and saw Emma again. After a bit of talking, he asked if she wanted to go and have a drink at the bar. Latter agreed, and after 6 beers, they were both really drunk. Times and Emma staggered home, and Times spent the night at Emma's home because his was still a while away.

The next day, Times woke up and found himself sleeping next to Emma. He quietly snuck away and ran back to his temple.


Times asked Emma to meet him at his temple. Emma went to his temple and found Times on one knee holding out a ring...


Times and Emma got married officially and 9 months later gave birth to a handsome little baby that they named PutInNameHere. He was a curious baby that liked looking at stuff.

PutInNameHere and Mama Poison

PutInNameHere was not a baby anymore. He had loads of friends and was very popular. He was just like his dad Times, all the girls wanted him. And it didn't surprise anyone, especially because of his handsome look. All the girls loved his dark brown hair and his piercing green eyes that were just like his mother's. He despised them all.

The story of how PutInNameHere got married, is very similar to his dad's:

A few years later, when PutInNameHere was about 17, and having stood all the torture of girls annoying him, he found a lady that was just right for him. Her name was Mama Poison, and PutInNameHere loved everything about her. So one day, he saw her at the market. He went and said hi and introduced himself. Mama Poison was very impressed by his gentlemenly habits. PutInNameHere asked her out for a drink (from reliable sources, we can prove that PutInNameHere got these tips from his dad, Times) at the tavern. She agreed, and they went there. They had lots of fun harassing the bartender, until they got kicked out, that is. They then walked home to their temples (though it has been proven that PutInNameHere did not stay at Mama Poisons temple).


PutInNameHere had already arranged another night with Mama Poison, and once again, they had lots of fun. After five months, PutInNameHere gathered the courage to marry Mama Poison. Luckily for him, even before he pulled out the ring, she said yes.


PutInNameHere and Mama Poison had a wonderful wedding, and two years later gave birth to a cute baby called Charli Bambaki. They also had a baby called Angel of the Storm, who was born when there was a horrific storm outside.

Charli Bambaki and Jack Almighty God

When Charli was little, she used to play with toy guns and tanks. Now that she has matured, she plays with real guns and tanks. No one really knows where Charli got her obsession of guns and tanks from. Although many say Charli Bambaki is mean, it so happens that Jack Almighty God found a nice side of her, a very pleasurable side. Charli is at this time single, and is enjoying her life as a kooky aunt of her nephews and nieces. The story of Charli and Jack Almighty God (or just Jack) is a complicated one, and it may be sad (probably not).

One day, Charli felt lonely. She actually got sick of loving guns and thought about loving people. Charli left her temple, and went for a walk through Godville. She walked past a park and saw a cute yellow puppy dog thing running around. She stared at it and suddenly the dog's paw grew twice the size along with the rest of his body. The dog saw Charli and Charli looked into its face and found immediate affection for it. She gave it a kiss on the nose, and then heard a whine from the dog. She looked at its stomach, and found a deep gash in it. She felt very sorry for the dog and took it home to her temple. She bandaged the dog up, and gave him lots of hugs and kisses. Charli loved the dog. She decided to call it Jake.

For weeks Charli nursed the dog, and after 5 weeks, it was healed and healthy. When Charli was getting ready to put the dog back, the dog started changing. It lost its tail, it grew taller, and all its hair disappeared. Charli stared at the handsome man that was now in front of her and screamed.

After a long time, the newly formed man finally calmed Charli down and explained what he was and what happened. He explained that he was a animagus, and he changed into a cute dog. But because he was severely injured, he couldn't transform back. Charli looked at the man (who said his name was Jack Almighty God) and stared into his eyes. They were bright green, like everyone elses in her family. She thought that was very strange. She looked at his face, and decided she liked his eyes best. She offered him a beer, and he gladly took it. While they were talking, Charli slowly put her hand on Jack's knee and Jack took it. It soon turned into a embrace. Jack said it was getting late so he should probably go, but Charli insisted that he stayed the night. There were no spare beds so Jack had to sleep in Charli's bed.

When Charli and Jack woke up, they were surprised to see themselves lying next to each other. Charli got up and began making some breakfast. Jack got up too and had breakfast. Charli and Jack smiled at each other.


Charli came home to her temple and told Jack (who was now living with her) that she was pregnant. Jack was so happy that he was having a child that he changed into a dog, stretched his head over to Charli and licked her face (has been proven to be equivalent to a kiss). He then changed back to human form. Later that night, Charli and Jack Almighty God made a toast to their baby to come. They drank a lot of beer and after Jack gave Charli a kiss, he transformed and lay on her lap and went to sleep while Charli patted and stroked his soft fur. She eventually fell asleep too.


Charli gave birth to a baby that they called Fluxknight. He was a adorable baby but he was incredible shy. They decided that they should get married for the babies sake, so a few weeks later, Charli walked down the aisle looking beautiful in her dress. Charli had never been more happier in her life, but one day, Jack said something to Charli that she would never forget. No one knows what he said, and don't bother asking either of them, as they won't tell you. Charli was so mad at him that she demanded a divorce and went back to her gun loving ways.

Jack and Charli are now on speaking terms. In fact, they have become good friends who have forgotten about their past and moved on.

Angel and Epica

On one dark stormy night Angel of the storm decided to go out for a midnight stroll on the British countryside. As the storm worsened Angel became even more happy, as he was known to have an unordinary addiction to storms and lightning bolts hitting people. As he proceeded on his walk he came upon a unconscious lady that had been struck by lightning and was soaked in the rain. Angel soon pulled her back to his house where he cared for her until she was better

2 weeks later

Angel found out the name of the lady was Epica, and that they had fallen in love with each other and they both had serious additions with storms. Soon after the couple got married in a nerby church on a rainy day and had three children called Banangirl, Grandour and Scopi0.


Here a small description of every member of the family will be offered, along with detailed information about the family-intern relations.

1st Generation


  • Married to: Emma the First
  • Child: PutInNameHere

Also known as "Chronos", he is the god of time. His main deeds including, but not limited to creation, management, and correction of the time flow in the universe (or multiverse if you're a believer). Because of the importance of his task, he can't go out often, becoming what mortals called a "neet".

But after doing his task for a long, long time (about two minutes), he soon became bored and sought for thrills in his miserable life. That was when he decided to go to other gods palace with intention to crush their nice and comfy life.

Alas, the result was quite unexpected. Instead of getting into trouble just like he ever wanted, his actions made him famous throughout the realm of god. Especially with the goddesses, who called him "bad boy". He didn't like that title though, so he tends to avoid them. (oh c'mon Times! It's a good title! Why did you throw it away! If only I could take your place ... *sob* *sob* crying with jealousy and envy)

His hobby is reading newspaper while drinking coffee. That is when he felt the joy of life. Because of his fondness of newspaper, the devs of godville decided to put his name on the newspaper's title (have you ever wondered why it's called Godville "Times"? This is the reason).

Nothing else is known about him, since he is a "neet" who tends to avoid people. But someday, maybe someday we will know more...

Emma the First

  • Married to: Times
  • Child: PutInNameHere

2nd Generation


  • Son of: Emma the First & Times
  • Married to: Mama Poison
  • Children: Charli Bambaki & Angel of the Storm

The real legends, it is said, are born poor.
Harry Potter, for an example, had grown up inside a small house - among a family who hated him.
Luke Skywalker, though born in a galaxy far, far away, had been given birth inside a tiny cabin of sandstone.
PutInNameHere had been born in a huge temple.

At the age of seventeen, he married a beautiful girl named Mama Poison, who perfectly seemed to suit his queer opinions: Because Put was, and is, a supporter of very anti-feminist beliefs. In his very non-humble opinion, a woman's place is near the kitchen.
While his wife, Mama Poison, made it to perfection of influencing and manipulating him without noticing, his eldest daughter, Charli Bambaki doesn't obey like he wants her to, but does what she wants to do.
He does love her, wants the best for her, but the fact that their opinions strongly differ, is the reason for many an argument.

Mama Poison

  • Married to: PutInNameHere
  • Children: Charli Bambaki and Angel of the Storm

3rd Generation

Angel of the Storm

  • Son of: Mama Poison & PutInNameHere
  • Married to: Epica the Great
  • Children: Banana Girl, Scorpi0 & Grandour

Epica the Great

  • Married to: Angel of the storm
  • Children: Banana Girl, Scorpi0 & Grandour

Charli Bambaki

  • Daughter of: Mama Poison & PutInNameHere
  • Divorced from: Jack Almighty God
  • Married to: Jack Almighty God
  • Child of first marriage: FluxKnight
  • Adopted child of first marriage: Ying Hua
  • Child of second marriage: Crazyabeldog

Jack Almighty God

  • Son of: Centuria and Spencer
  • Divorced from: Charli Bambaki
  • Married to: Charli Bambaki
  • Child of first marriage: FluxKnight
  • Adopted child of first marriage: Ying Hua
  • Child of second marriage: Crazyabeldog

A father of one, ex husband (now husband) of Charli Bambaki. Jack Almighty God is an animagus who can transform into a dog. Jack Almighty God (or Jack for short) is a friendly person and likes to have hugs. His kids are Fluxknight, Ying Hua and Crazyabeldog. Jack's adoptive parents are Centuria and Spencer, but his biological parents are unknown. He has two known siblings


  • Married to: No one

Also known as "Summorock" meaning Summoning Master ,he is the door between the dimensions of real world and the dark world and can transport person, creature, or object of choice by means of Teleportation, Dimensional Travel, Portal Creation or some other way. This may also result from a previous summoning contract, which creates a connection between the summon and summoner.

As his power increases then he can go in to the [sprite binder mode] then his power will not be bound by restrictions such as a contract, and can summon anything they want, including powerful beings or "familiar spirits" and often require strong mystic connections to where these entities reside. Users can call upon fairies, angels, demons, or animal spirits,

The summoning can backfire, however, leading to any number of misfortunes, such as the summoned person, creature, or item causing harm to the summoner.

He gets his ability of summoning from his real father which was (unknown) likes his brother Jack Almighty God who can transform into a dog.

in the childhood he thinks that his power will get peoples into trouble if its gets out control

but the result was quite unexpected. Instead of getting into trouble just like he ever thought he starts helping peoples with his power and he summon lots of good creatures from the dark world that helps him helping the peoples that he cares

now by breaking the bonds of his power he wanted to be able to reach the sprite binder mode.

Notes: Brother to Jack Almighty God

Epic the Awesome

  • Married to: Alphamon
  • Children: Brinjal and Mommitude

Notes: Brother to Jack Almighty God


  • Married to: Epic the Awesome

4th Generation

Banana Girl

  • Daughter of: Epica the Great & Angel of the storm
  • Married to: Blaze7736
  • Divorced from: Whitesky the Great
  • Children: Meghan Trainor & Epic the Great


  • Married to: Banana Girl

Whitesky the Great

  • Married to: No one
  • Divorced from: Banana Girl
  • Children: Meghan Trainor & Epic the Great


  • Son of: Epica the Great & Angel of the storm
  • Married to: ZeroRequiem
  • Pet: Frapparition

Zero Requiem

  • Married to: Scorpi0
  • Pet: Frapparition


  • Child of: Epica the Great & Angel of the storm


  • Child of: Epic the Awesome and Alphamon
  • Married to: Dadditude

Centuria and Spencer

Centuria met Spencer briefly while attending the first day of mandatory Godville newbie orientation. To be honest, her hero was immediately struck by his looks as she being raised in the traditional elvish custom of forbidden outsiders had never seen a barbarian. She was struck by his tall stature compared to the people she knew in her village, as it was unlike anything she had seen since she was a child. She made an excuse to talk to him about the state of their beginning equipment and he smiled at her, not saying much. In reality, he was in awe of her friendliness in the way other people would come up to ask her for hugs. He initially assumed she knew all these people, but later learned she had a strange ability to attract people who were feeling sad along with her willingness to hug them. He was fascinated with her ability to make these total strangers feel better with a simple hug or two.


Centuria was leaving the second day of orientation only to find her horse and carriage had been stolen. She saw Spencer walking to his own horse and buggy, and swallowed hard hoping she remembered his name and that he remembered her. She asked him if there was any way he could give her a ride home, and he smiled and agreed to do so saying it was on the way for him. Later she discovered her home was in the opposite direction for him.


Spencer snuck into Centuria's temple and started their favorite song playing and then hid. Centuria went into the sound room to turn everything off, and as she desended the stairs she found him on one knee. He proposed to her there and hugged her happily when she said yes.


Centuria and Spencer used 100 accumulator charges apiece in order to get their heroes to the ceremony. It was a quiet, quick occasion and they then went on a Godville "Tour of the Towns" where they took turns spending their savings to buy drinks for everyone in the taverns they stopped in a beer.


Centuria gave birth to a son named Draco. He was a strange child that liked lining things up. He never spoke until he was almost seven years old, when he complained about the toast for breakfast being burnt. Centuria and Spencer were so elated to hear their son' voice and asked him why he had waited so long and chosen that specific moment to speak. He explained "well up until now, everything's been fine."


Despite visiting every single one of the very best guild doctors with the help of referrals from her friends, Centuria was broken hearted to discover she could not have anymore children. The doctors were perplexed telling her they were honestly they were unable to explain her ability to become pregnant with her first child much less to be able to ever have another. The doctors each gave her contradicting advice and she left with tears streaming down her face.

Spencer could not stand to see his wife so unhappy, so he told her he had a special surprise for her. He took her to a farmer who had a huge field with the greenest grass and cutest puppies as far as the eyes could see. He told her to pick the one she wanted, and her heart sank as she was overwhelmed with emotion. She saw a tiny puppy, seperate from the rest, sitting in the corner while hanging its head and looking very lonely. She told Spencer she wanted this puppy. The farmer was perplexed, saying he was sure they couldn't possibly mean THAT puppy. Centuria demanded to know why she could not have this particular puppy and what the farmer could possibly mean. The farmer explained that this puppy was a runt, the tiniest puppy of its litter and had been rejected by its biological mom and as a result, even its litter mates would not play with it. The farmer explained when a puppy was rejected by its mom, this typically meant something was very wrong with it. He commented he doubted the puppy would make it through the night. Centuria told the farmer that she did not care, she wanted this puppy. The farmer offered to allow Spencer to pick any other dog in the field, explaining this puppy would never live longer than a month as a result of being rejected by its family. Centuria could see the farmer was trying his best to hide his desire to torture the poor animal. She insisted she wanted this puppy, and could sense the reluctance the farmer had as he handed it over to her. She felt the puppy grow cold, and the farmer looked happy for a moment exclaiming no refunds were available. She sensed his bewilderment when she told him firmly she did not want a refund, she was taking the puppy home to lay it to rest in peace under the shade of a willow tree in her yard.

On the way home, Centuria cuddled the puppy as she held it on her shoulder and cried into its fur. She whispered to the puppy her sorrow over not having a child of her own and wishing she could have been the puppy's mother because she cared for him very much. She told him how special he was, that he was her pick of the litter and no one was going to ever call him runt anymore. Suddenly, the puppy began to grow warm again and changed into a tiny infant. Spencer seemed unphased, explaining the puppy was obviously born an animagus and could shape-shift depending on its emotions, which was why it's mother had rejected it. He explained Centuria's unconditional love had obviously been exactly what the puppy needed to thrive. He had a gleam in his eye as if somehow he knew, but he never told anyone for sure how he had known this to be true. Centuria declared she did not care, and hugged the infant closer. She whispered to him that she loved him regardless of his form, so the puppy / boy would often change form depending on his desire and never out of feeling he had to be something he did not want to be. One day, when the puppy / boy was the exact age as her son Draco had been when he spoke he changed into boy form and declared his name was Jack. He then changed back into a puppy and proceeded to play in the yard. Centuria laughed happily, telling him she loved him and was happy he had decided on a name.


  • Child of: Epic the Awesome and Alphamon

Flux Knight

  • Child of: Charli Bambaki & Jack Almighty God

Ying Hua

  • Adopted child of: Charli Bambaki & Jack Almighty God

5th Generation

Meghan Trainor

  • Child of: Banana Girl & Whitesky

Epic the Great

  • Child of: Banana Girl & Whitesky



  • Pet of: ZeroRequiem & Scorpi0

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