The Marching Morons

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About 3,600 years ago. When the land called Guwalodi existed. It was ruled by a series of Heroes called 'The Moorons'. They had a very bad habit of stealing pets from the nearby states. This made attacks from the neighboring states very often. But they used the pets that they stole, trained them, and defended the attacks. This angered a gentle wizard who decided he had to put an end to this pet stealing. He hypnotised and cursed every hero in the land of Guwalodi to walk away from it. The Heroes did not just walk away though. They knew they couldn't resist the effect of the curse and had to walk away. But they managed to fight the urge and gathered at their town square, they could not stop walking though. They circled their Grand Temple about 1600 times before they were sure all of their Heroes where gathered and their beer stocks and gold was collected from the place. And then... they marched out in search of any being that could help them get released from the curse. So that they can come back and reoccupy their homeland again.

Some say, when they walked about 5,000 kms away, the effect of the curse faded away. And they came back to Guwalodi. Some say they came back only after the gentle wizard died. But the land of Guwalodi still exists and the pavement around the Grand Temple is still noticeably worn by the circling of the Heroes 3,600 years ago. The Grand Temple is now maintained by this guild known as, 'The Marching Morons'. They regularly perform rituals and memorial practices that include marching around the Grand Temple 16 times and then marching away 5 kms and then returning back. Though not openly propagated and accepted. The members of the guild steal pets from other heroes every now and then.