The Invisible Gland

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The Invisible Gland is a pervasive, underlying force in hero society that maintains monster-equilibrium, infinite questing, and social harmony. In general, it refers to the unintended social consequences of a heroine's pursiut of rational, self-interested monster slaying. As the great hero-philosopher, A-damn Spirit, states in his treatise, The Thoery of Moral Monster-Slaying, "By acting in accordance with our thirst for monster blood, we necessarily advance and promote the happiness of all hero-kind." This idea, of channelling monster-blood thirst toward socially beneficial ends, constitutes a major part of the "Lazzzy Fairie" economic philosophy.

An example of how The Invisible Gland operates is as follows:

A hero, operating on their rational self-interest to slay monsters, will also unintentionally create safer roads: which will make it easier for other heroes to progress further into Godville's surrounding terrain, thereby finding more monsters, which when slain continue the cycle: i.e. the more monsters slain, the more monsters found, the more monsters slain, etc, ad infinitum.