The Inquisition

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The Inquisition
Motto: The Darkness is coming...
Alignment: aggressive
Gold Fund: 15797 c.u.
Date Founded: 03/09/2013
Membership Count: 77
Pantheon of unity Rank: 228
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 193
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 275
Forum Headquarters: [Our Headquarters - The Inquisition
Guild Page: The Inquisition 
Data current as of December 11, 2013


The Inquisition - Home of villains with dangerous daggers! - WE KNOW HOW TO USE THEM TO!

Watch this space for the upcoming MURDER Event.

Murder II
Name Status Cool-down
The Evil Queen Hosting
Archie Hopper Alive
Maleficent Alive
Darkoth Alive
The Wicked Witch Alive
Stickyorder Alive
Somnias Vagus Alive
Friendly Fred Alive
Sleeping sand Alive
MURDER - All Time Rankings
Name Murder Points Detective Points Survivalist Points Average Overall Ranking
Stickyorder 0 5 0.5 1.84 1st
The Evil Queen 2 0 0 0.67 2nd
Maleficent 0 0 0.5 0.17 3rd
The Wicked Witch 0 0 0.5 0.17 3rd
Somnias Vagus 0 0 0.5 0.17 3rd
Friendly Fred 0 0 0.5 0.17 3rd


This shows the average personality(s) of all our members. Bold indicates our current Personality.

True darkness!
True darkness
True brightness
True brightness!

Town Influence

In order to achieve our goals, we need to convince the locals to do our bidding. This table shows how popular we are with each town.

Town Influence
Town Influence (%) Rank
Godville 0% Forgotten
Monsterdam 0% Forgotten
Bumchester 0% Forgotten
Last Resort 0% Forgotten
Beerburgh 0% Forgotten
Trollbridge 0% Forgotten
Herowin 0% Forgotten
Los Adminos 0% Forgotten
San Satanos 0% Forgotten
Godvillewood 0% Forgotten
Herolympus 0% Forgotten
Dogville 0% Forgotten
Anville 0% Forgotten
Deville 0% Forgotten
Lostway 0% Forgotten
Unspecifiedistan 0% Forgotten

We also believe that credit should be given when credit is due. Below lists members contribution to the influence efforts.

The Inquisition's - Personal Town Influence Rankings
Position God Name Hero Name Contribution Points Guild Rank
1st GodThe Evil Queen  Evil Queen 41 Grand Master
2nd GodMagnus Almighty  Spyro The Great 38 Advisor
3th GodTweebiebird  Mordecai- 6 Grand Master
4th GodStickychaos  TreacleCarnage 5 Advisor
5th GodEfelowe  Mighty Masta 4 Advisor
6th GodDarkoth  Necrolyte 3 Advisor
7th GodUngrabash Zorrr  Sir Stabsalot 3 Grand Master
8th GodYldneirf Derf  Silent Snow 2 Advisor

Our Allies and Allegiances

Infinity Waffles: Take a taste test! or learn the secret of the Waffle!

I. The Weekly Inquisitor!

12th May

Back in our true colors. The 12th in May we became aggressive. After the hard tries of all the villains we manages to free ourselves from the goodness grasp. Even a certain back is feeling the change in his heart. Our newest motto is Darkness is coming...

Introducing, The Hierarch!

The Inquisition would like to congratulate the following members for their continued support and loyalty to this guild. Congratulations on your status and we hope to see you continue to level up and grow with us.

Hierarch The Evil Queen - Queen of The Inquisition

Hierarch Darkoth - Necromancer of The Inquisition

==== GOSSIPS ====

                                       No more goodness for the Evil Queen?

Is the Evil Queen truly back to her evil self, after a short time of being a hero? We saw her breaking a curse with a true love kiss and using light magic. Did the Charming family just destroy her happiness once again?

Our sources said about the Saviour saving a woman from the past, named Marian and reuniting her with her long lost husband and child. Did she just do the same thing with Snow White? We guess there is more in the story.

                                               The Supreme Evil Queen?

Recently the Weekly Inquisitor has found that The Evil Queen has succeeded in her quest for power and is one of few mortals to earn the title of Supreme. Goodness knows why she needs so much power but as Supreme, she is now able but not limited to:

- Telekinesis The ability to manipulate objects with the power of the mind.

- Concilium Imposition of one’s will onto another. Also called mind control. It can be resisted, though doing so causes increasing intracranial pressure to the point of explosion.

- Pyrokinesis The ability to control and conjure fire with the power of the mind.

- Divination The extra-sensory awareness of things including, objects and people, is called Divination in Coven.

- Transmutation The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between.

- Vitalum Vitalis The balancing of scales between one life force and another.

- Descensum spiritual decent into the netherworld or afterlife.

WANTED! Insect Spray

Reasons unknown. Willing to pay 10,000 Gold for results.

II. Mythology

Our Founder: Razikale

I am one of the Old Gods of Thedas, Razikale my name,the Dragon of Mystery. Once I was worshipped by the great dark archons of the Tevinter Imperium, but legend has it I am destined to become corrupted and bring the next Blight to the world.

After the Tears in the Veil, I found myself awakened from a deep slumber. Freed from my eternal prison, I traversed through the ages, both time and space.

I smoked a hookah with a worm while playing cards with a Mad Hatter. I sided with an Evil Queen against the "Fairest of Them All", and I even put another Princess to sleep. I caught an Electric Mouse with a red ball and lost it somewhere... I even traveled in a blue box with a mad man calling himself "The Doctor" and sat on an uncomfortable iron throne. The last thing I remember is giving a commander three choices to stop a war that lasted through hundreds of cycles.

Godville is my home now and I plan to establish my worship once again before the great battle.

A battle that not I, not anyone ever predicted. A battle that will plunge the world into the abyss. A battle that we will prevail through our champions. My purpose for the future is simple, but as the Dragon of Mystery, I cannot disclose it yet. Through this guild, neutral and evil aligned heroes are welcome to join. Just pray to your God join the "The Inquisition" guild and your prayers shall be answered.


The Inquisition. A name you have perhaps heard, and you would do well to remember it. A guild of villains and practitioners of darkness and forbidden magic, its eternal battle has been to become the most powerful guild and in that process acquire the most powerful artifacts and weapons of power. For the past few rotations it has made a quiet name for itself as the safe haven for the coven of darkness. That was, until the Great Dragon: Razikale thirsted for more power. Slowly but surely word would reach the far corners of the realms and more and more would join the dark cause. None would try to stop us as they did not consider us a threat. A move that would prove to be their very undoing.

And so, the Bell of Chaos would sound its song and with it, attract those of the highest excalubar of Darkness. These people were known to townsfolk simply as "Villains". The Evil Queen, Rumpelstiltskin, Witch of the Wilds and Captain Hook would all join the coven as "Villains". However, they quickly proved their worth and become Agents, Razikale's most trusted.

Traveling from dimension to dimension these Agents would spread the blight of The Inquisition and recruit more fledglings into the fold. Such an act troubled Magic Councils greatly. And so the first Great War would sound its drums...


With it's leader absent, leadership has been taken by the Evil Queen, and Lord Darkoth. As the Queen is expert in leading, she decided that the Circle tower isn't appropriate for her regal self. She decided to cast the Dark Curse and send everyone in the Enchanded Forest, where she now rules in her Dark Castle. The Inquisition continues to grow with new fledglings. Officially allied with Infinity Waffles the guild now finds itself in Raids, Hunter Games, Murder Events and delicious waffle luncheons. In Razikale's absence the guild has found itself to be more neutral and its quest for dark power to be at a grounding halt. With it's new leadership the guild strives forward in powerful leaps to continue this quest. But a certain cricket stands in the way attempting to bring light to a eternally dark crypt.


With the reins of this guild now firmly in my grasp, I find myself riding this carriage alongside "The Evil Queen". We have no final destination as there is not one. We simply go where the darkness may call us. We WILL continue to spread the blight that our lost Master once did. We will bring eternal night to all the realms. Such is prophesied. Heavens can not save anyone now.

III. The Council of the Inquisitors

The Council of the Inquisitors consists of the Gods that are evil and/or powerful enough to care for and lead The Inquisition to glory and power. These people have earned the honor of being faithful Agents and Champions of The Inquisition.

The Leaders

The Champions

The Honored

These champions may no longer be a part of The Inquisition, but have undoubtedly played a vital role in it's history.

The Riddler

While the arch-nemesis of Razikale and not a former member, we feel it necessary to honor him some way. He was a great Riddler and host of the infamous Hunter Games.

The Trouble

Those who would seek to cause havoc and chaos within the guild are named and shamed here.

IV. Our Emblem

♆The Trident♆

The Trident is an ancient and powerful artifact that once belonged to Poseidon, the Greek God of Sea. How I acquired it, I cannot remember.

I have had many nightmares telling me of a great conflict, the sinking of a great continent and a great volcanic eruption.

As a symbol of The Inquisition, it is to give a message to all opponent enemy factions that they will be cleansed, just like the water mercilessly cleanses everything on Earth. It will also be used to create life in the future, but it will require a vast amount of collective power to influence the ideabox. This is an important aspect and will be soon explained.

V. Agents of The Inquisition

All high-ranking members of The Inquisition are named Agents. While all are obliged to protect the innocents, how they proceed is up to them.

The centrals of the guild are located in Monsterdam and outside of all the towns forts are built to investigate and smite the horde of monsters. The Agents are ranked and knighted by the The Inquisitor, my first Agent and representative in this world. Upon joining The Inquisition the *Silent Oath Ritual* will be commenced and upon its completion you will be named Gray Wardens and the Emblem will be given. Bearing the Emblem means you get free healing by specialized agents in towns, discounts from traders and cold feet from monsters.

During the day, Agents are allowed to speculate on the Past, Present and Future while figuring out a way to close the rifts in the space-time continuum.

In periods of crisis the members of The Inquisition will have the right to invoke *the Right of Conscription*

VI. The Silent Oath Ritual

What occurs in this ritual remains a secret till the very last moment. Future Agents take an oath to never reveal it to anyone outside The Inquisition and accept the instant repercussions, including the person they disclose it to. There are rumors among other factions that blood magic is used to initiate the newcomers, followed by howlings that can be heard across the country. Other people claim to have seen strange bite marks to the neck of the Agents. But like i wrote down, rumors are rumors. What I can confirm, is its being held in the Twilight of every Full Moon.

As of October 12th, all Agents are fully tainted Darkspawns ready to spread the Blight to the realms. I, Razikale, have succumbed to the taint and become the next Archdemon.

VII. Champions of the Gods

Every God, King, Lord or Strategist has its Champion. This is no different for our guild. Every member has their Champion to do their bidding. They serve us unquestionably. For the guilds plans to become realized, it asked that every member Punish their Champion at least once an hour (if possible). This regular ritual will cause the Champion to evolve into a state of hate and darkness. Such is needed to complete our plans.

However, Evil personality is NOT about killing innocents, but ruthlessly facing the everyday traps and influences of the monsters, recognizing those who long to undermine The Inquisition, being invincible to corruption, and obtaining power through any means necessary.

VIII. Fallen Towns

Herowin, Bumchester and Trollbridge have fallen to the taint. On October 13th [2013], The Inquisition attacked. 20% of the first two and 31% of the latter submitted , declaring me as their true Overlord. A day later, 30% of the Anville population willingly fell under our influence. Two days later, 21% of Monsterdam pledged to become our loyal allies.

More attacks are to come in the future...

IX. Activities

Still under the rules of this realm, all members are expected to be tempted during their day. Wasting time writing all day on their diary and spending money on taverns is acceptable.

However, all members are encouraged to get dirty once a day. Using the voice command dig may guarantee an adventure to a dark dungeon and slaying Boss-Monsters . Defeating the Boss results in the safety of the innocents and the rewards are vast for both the victor and the guild.

Members who engage this activity may post their participation here and make themselves known to the rest of the world.

The First Challenge

During the second week of October all Agents were challenged to punish the people in towns. The results were pretty satisfying and Herowin was first to succumb to the taint. 15% of the people submitted to The Inquisition and became faithful servants.

Hunter Games

It will be related to The Inquisition lore and can be used to any future adventures of any guild.

Each Saturday all guilds may join our trip on the Jolly Roger – thank you Captain Hook – and try to acquire the item by any means necessary. It isn't lost in time or space, we just want to have it in our possession cause we are spoiled Gods. By answering a series of riddles, we will eventually locate it!!

Hunter Games the I:

The First Hunter Games involved stealing Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Something Blue . And no, we weren't getting married!! Next, we had to actually find it! "Reports told us it was located in another realm very far from here. Someone’s pet had been there..." With a what and where, The Inquisition and Infinity Waffles set out to find the when with this cryptic clue: "Riddle me, riddle me, what is that over the head and under the hat?"

Now equipped with newly found loot of when what and where, all that was left was to figure out how. This next clue was to be delivered by the mysterious, sinister, and incredibly good looking Dark Riddler, "How are we gonna travel through time and space since we don’t have the time machine???"

Want to solve these riddles yourself? All the answers can be found here. Below are some spoilers and rather obvious hints.

Always with a plan, The Evil Queen managed to solve this riddle. Never to be outdone, Dark Riddler made a rather dramatic entrance followed by a lovely cup of tea and crumpets with Darkoth. Gathering her strength The Evil Queen enacted another one of her infamous Dark Curse's. The band of questionably brave thief's then materialized in the Munchkin village to find all inhabitants either missing, or taken by natural selection. Some pointless digging and bickering then followed before the Fearless Leader took his newly stolen Telephone Box and attempted to rescue his band of misfits.

Finally after some fancy lighting effects, (Seriously, who is our special effects manager and how much are they getting paid?) The Dark Riddler announced the The First Hunter Games to be at an end and then threw a dastardly sleeping potion and vanished into the abyss...

Hunter Games the II:

After pointless bickering, arguing and extremely entertaining fighting, backstabbing and finger pointing, The Inquisition and Infinity Waffles concluded the scientific experiment with the conclusion that: What you hold most dear in your heart, apart from from blood, syrup etc is thirst for revenge, betrayal and hatred.

Hunter Games the III:

Hosted by Darkoth (Due to Razikale's abcence. He has been very busy.), this weeks Hunter Games promises to be interesting! Join in here.

The riddle was: The Good, the Bad and the Traitors. Someone old, someone strong. Someone killed me long before. Someone stole something strong. Who I am, I don’t know?. It was a tricky one but after a long time and guesses it turned out to be Razikale, our dear leader, murdered by one of our newest members, Maleficent. She was bitter and jealous because he stole her sleeping curse and her name. After that atrocious murder we had to change the wiki, hoping that she would give back his heart. It seems that it wasn't enough resurrect him...

PS: The games are normally hosted by the Dark Riddler , my evil clone that is the product of the twisted experiments between The Inquisition and Infinity Waffles

X. All Magic comes with a Price

Beware, when using magic. It may seem a means to end, but is also a means to a beginning. I come from a world of magic, I crossed lands of magic and lands without magic. I have tapped into the source of magic. Was magic that brought me here? Did we all pay the price? Allow me to enlighten you.

The Dark Curse

It seems this world is unaffected by this horrible curse and as a witness of it, i am afraid that it might be enacted more times.

During the Dark Curse Your prison.. all of our prisons, will be time. Time will stop, and we will be trapped. Some place horrible... where everything we hold dear, everything we love, will be ripped from us. Where we suffer for all eternity, while the Queen celebrates, victorious at last! No more happy endings.

The Sleeping Curse

One of the most used curses, with the most horrific result. As we have many practitioner of this curse in our guild, I highly advise my Agents to avoid eating anything that comes from red juicy apples. Unfortunately the same stand for green apples. They used to be safe, before the arrival of the infamous villain the Wicked Witch. Also, never touch the spindle of a spinning wheel. Avoid them at all cost or you may end up in a sleeplike dead.

Blood Magic

Blood magic, first and foremost, is the practice of using blood—life itself—as a potent fuel for casting spells. This life may be supplied by either the mage or sacrifices, whether willing or unwilling. As such, the use of blood magic often allows a mage to cast spells that would otherwise be beyond the abilities of any mage, or require the use of lyrium. The magisters of the ancient Imperium were known to keep numerous slaves on hand as blood sacrifices for particularly arduous castings, a practice that is perpetuated by some blood mages in the present day. Blood magic can also be used to summon demons into the corporeal world, manifesting physically (e.g. shades) or by possessing a host body (living or dead).Demonic possession of the living produces abominations, while possession of a corpse results in one of the living dead, a creature whose strength and abilities depends on the power and type of host and demon involved. Often, however, the demons will possess, kill, or completely ignore the blood mage who summoned them. Ancient lore and present-day events hint that blood magic holds the key to incredible powers yet undreamed of, or long thought lost. Such power generally requires a terrible sacrifice, however: a debt paid in blood at the cost of the lives of others and one's own humanity. As such, while blood magic itself is merely a tool, it is by far the most dangerous means to any end in the realm of Thedas.

Regarding Godville, blood magic is not a widely known practice and not easily recognized by its inhabitants.