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| motto = Thinking inside the Box<ref>This motto was suggested by {{god|Jimbob64}} in The Ideaboxers Union motto contest, where it won by a landslide.</ref>
| motto = Thinking inside the Box<ref>This motto was suggested by {{god|Jimbob64}} in The Ideaboxers Union motto contest, where it won by a landslide.</ref>
| founded = 25th of June 2015
| founded = 25th of June 2015
| number = 88
| number = 98
| alignment = Fluctuating, even though we're very bright
| alignment = Fluctuating, even though we're very bright
| founder = The m1ghty
| founder = The m1ghty
| pantheon = 433
| pantheon = 424
| pantheon2 = 82
| pantheon2 = 215
| pantheon3 = 24
| pantheon3 = 25
| gold = ~16000
| gold = ~16000
| forum = https://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/3139
| forum = https://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/3139
| stats = https://godvillegame.com/stats/guild/The%20Ideaboxers%20Union
| stats = https://godvillegame.com/stats/guild/The%20Ideaboxers%20Union
| date = 4th of October 2015
| date = 11th of October 2015
| leader = Did you even ''read'' when the guild was founded?
| leader = Did you even ''read'' when the guild was founded?
| monster = Not available yet
| monster = Not available yet

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The Ideaboxers Union
Motto: Thinking inside the Box[1]
Alignment: Fluctuating, even though we're very bright
Totem Monster: Not available yet
High-level Rank: I wish
Gold Fund: ~16000 c.u.
Leader: GodDid you even read when the guild was founded? 
Date Founded: 25th of June 2015
Membership Count: 98
Pantheon of unity Rank: 424
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 215
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 25
Forum Headquarters: The Ideaboxers Union
Guild Page: The Ideaboxers Union 
Data current as of 11th of October 2015

What's going on?

This section is to explain a few things. Hopefully after that you'll have a better understanding of who we are and what we do.

Who are we?

We Are Legion. Just joking, we are "The Ideaboxers Union". We are an ideabox-oriented community who is very active in the forums, the ideabox (well, duh) and everywhere else. We host an impressive collection of Ideaboxers, who will be happy to help in any ideabox-related subject and anything else really.

What/Who are Ideaboxers?

Ideaboxers are people who participate actively in the Ideabox: suggesting ideas, fixing them in the ER, or just acting as a mentor. If you see someone with a check mark in their motto then you can be sure that they're Ideaboxers, and they'll be happy to talk about your ideas or help you in the Ideabox in general.

The Ideabox really confuses me. Can you help?

Of course! A few Ideaboxers in the guild which can help are:

A few Wiki articles that can help are:

Some good threads are:

Of course, we share lots of advice on the guild council. Come and join the fun!

So, you talk only about the Ideabox?

Not at all! We talk about anything Godville related: Arena, dungeons, sparring, boss fights, pet rezzes and more. We'll try to help as much as we can.

Sounds cool! How can I join the guild?

Look at the How to be in the guild section of this page.

I'd love to join, but I'm already in a guild I like and I don't want to leave

Sure, no problem! Just create another account (known as an "alt"[2]) and send him here. We're happy for anyone to join, be they alt or main, normal or insane.


This the place where members of "The Ideaboxers Union" will be written down for the records. More parts may be added in time.

This is where GodThe m1ghty  deleted what GodHoly Spirit of Hell  wrote, because the guild wiki is not a place for random spam.

The Founding Sticks[3]

GodThe m1ghty  - Founder of the guild. When asked by reporters if he curses the person who took the name "The mighty" he answered: "No comment". However, there were a few screams of rage from the guild hall that day.

GodHigh queen of undies  - First member to join. Has an obsession with certain parts of clothing. Is funny, nice, and a good companion, so long as you don't mind thrown underwear all around.

GodIdeaboxers  - The most Ideaboxish member to date. When asked if he is an alt of GodMary1  he said: "What is an alt? Mary had a little lamp? lamb? remember me being original? no no no i am not an alt of mary".

GodGatherer Of Cats  - The official guild cat shepherd. Has a micro kat at home which she analyzes in her lab. When asked if she is insane she said: "404 Error", which made everything clear. Likes palindromes.

GodPablo the Dragon  - Is laughed at by GodThe m1ghty  who calls him a "walking flamethrower"[4]. Is a very active Flame Lounger, but he still finds place for his guild.[5] Left his former guild after reaching the rank of cardinal, for which he is greatly appreciated.

GodJimbob64  - Last but not least of the Founding Sticks. Is insanely creative,[6] but very undecisive, as shown by the fact that both he and his hero Gary-sue

Some more information

  • This guild may or may not have been inspired by the "Ideaboxer's Union".
  • We encourage Ideabox activity, but accept anybody (yes, our standards are very low. Let's continue now).
  • All members seem to suffer from an irrational fear of rejection.



Currently, we have no guilds as enemies. If a guild called "Ideabox Haters" or "Serial No-Voters" is created, we will not be held responsible for our deeds.

Guild activeness

  • We are currently playing an Ideabox game in the guild forum. Anybody is welcome to come and play.
  • The founder of the guild, GodThe m1ghty , is partially responsible for the return of the Ideabox: A Workshop, which is a great Ideabox-related page.

Shameless self-promotion

  • If you join the guild you will get lots of gratitude points! That is, gratitude. We haven't hacked GodVille. Yet.
  • The more people join the guild, the more bonuses we get. Therefore, everybody should join.
  • If you want to know more about "The Ideaboxers Union", join us.
  • We have more members then guilds that have less members then us!

How to be in the guild

We hope that you want to join and stay in "The Ideaboxers Union". This section explains how.

How to join the guild

Although the hero{|ine} may start to quest to join "The Ideaboxers Union", the chance is very low and you'd have to wait months or with bad luck years. Usually he needs prompting. In order to join the guild, send the godvoice: 'Join "The Ideaboxers Union" guild' (internal quote marks are important, outer ones are not) once a minute until it works under the following conditions:

  • While not in town.
  • While not fighting a monster.
  • While not resting (healing after fighting a monster).

IMPORTANT: Do not cancel your current quest before sending the godvoice to join.

How to stay in the guild

The hero{|ine} from time to time, like the bumbling idiot he is, will try to leave "The Ideaboxers Union" to join another guild[8]. In order to stop him, send the godvoice: 'Cancel quest' once a minute until it works under the same conditions as joining.

IMPORTANT: Do cancel your current quest when trying to cancel your quest.

Guild activities

Quite a few activities go on in our lively guild. This is the place to record them.

Ideabox Challenge

The Ideabox Challenge is a monthly event organized by GodThe m1ghty  or GodHigh queen of undies  in which participants have to think of ideas in a certain amount of time, on a subject chosen beforehand. The ideas are afterwards put to public voting on The Ideaboxers Union, and the winner recieves the title M{r|s}. Ideabox. Full instructions [here https://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/3139?page=12#post_450199][9].

Most Recent Ideabox Challenge

In the Ideabox Challenge participants had to think of 3 ideas, out of which at least one had to be "long" (diary, dungeon or duel phrase) in 15 minutes. The last Mr. Ideabox was GodPablo the Dragon  with the subject surprise. Good job and congratulations!

M{r|s} Ideabox list

Beverage contest

After much thought (and a few drinks), some members of the guild reached a conclusion that "The Ideaboxers Union" should have its own special beverage. It was organized in the guild forum and was open to all. The winning entry was "Approve Ale", by GodHigh king of undies . Woohoo!


Just what it says. Some random stuff about the guild that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Full Ideaboxers list

People with a check mark in their motto are declaring themselves as Ideaboxers, and mean by this that they are open to discussion about the Ideabox and ideas. As an Ideabox-related guild, we have a rather (surprise!) large amount, and here's a full list[10].

Player Feedback

This section was proposed by GodGod2000  to show how he liked the guild. Here it is!

"When I joined the guild, I was surprised. I saw Ideaboxers sharing and improving each others ideas. I was surprised, since I was already an Ideaboxer, but I often sent in good puns which got rejected for certain reasons. At first, I didn't really actively share my ideas in the guild. But after I did that once, I saw how handy this was.

Plus, this guild is not only about ideaboxing, but also about having fun in an ideaboxing theme. Ideaboxing is different for everyone. If you only try to submit 1 idea a week (instead of most people here who have to make a list of ideas because the daily submission limit) you are still an Ideaboxer.

The most important lesson I learnt is that our guild is not only about improving the game, but it is also helping each other, improving each others ideas, and most important of all: Having Fun. Oh, and drinking Approve Ale, that too." --- GodGod2000  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you want to express what you feel about the guild too? With pleasure! Send a pm (private message) to GodThe m1ghty  and he'll be happy to take a quote.

Ideabox Workshop

The Ideabox; a workshop forum topic has been revived. Thanks to GodThe m1ghty  who took the initiative.

The Ideabox; A Workshop is a conversational workshop, in which lectures will be given by some great Ideaboxers, and everybody can talk about it, suggest ideas with the "tricks and tips" they learned, and have fun in the Ideabox.

Lectures will be given by:

Diary & Earthly News

Diary entries and EN are the most basic entries, and a very good place to start for any Ideaboxer-to-be. These lectures explain how to do them.

  • Lecture 1: Creating Earthly News

Lecture given by GodJimbob65 

You can often make Earthly News by asking "What am I doing right now?"

Example: "Staring at the waiting-room rug..." in the doctor's office.

Or "I am goofing off in a meeting" = Earthly News: "Goofing off at a guild meeting..."

Not all ideas have to be funny, as we know, some are just so relateable because we've been there ourselves.

Getting the hang of writing your current activity into Earthly News format is one of... like, 2 or 3 I'm guessing... skills that can lead to you being to effectively grab ideas out of thin air.

It's just getting used to writing what's going on around you into idea format, combined with something else we'll practice, which is identifying when something you deem ideaworthy is happening.

  • Lecture 2: Rewriting Earthly News to Diary Phrases

Lecture given by GodJimbob65 

Once you have Earthly News, or "something happening right now" to you or your hero, you can reformat the thing into a diary entry with a little rewrite and addition of hero's reaction

GodSourceRunner , who's much more confident in "atmospheric" Earthly News, and diary entries, can explain in more depth than I.

I'll stick more to short entries and categories, and sheer outrageous silliness do's and oh-please-don'ts.

  • Lecture 3: Rewriting Diary Phrases to Earthly news

Lecture given by GodHigh king of undies 

So far we've learned how to create Earthly news by asking ourselves the question "what am I doing right now" and we've learned how to create diary phrases by taking an Earthly News, rewrite it and add the hero's reaction.

So inspired by that I thought "if we are able to create diary phrase by rewriting Earthly News, are we also able to create Earthly News by rewriting diary phrases?".

So what do we do? Its pretty simple, we reverse the process off creating diary phrases out of Earthly News by removing the heroes reaction and write what we have left as short as possible by only writing down what the hero is currently doing.

Here's an example using my own aproved diary phrase and rewrite it into a new Earthly News.

Gave the tavern owner some advice but he said “I don't tell you how to do your job so don't tell me how to do mine”. I wish he would tell me how to do my job, I could use a few tips.

So what we do now is remove the hero's reaction

Gave the tavern owner some advice but he said “I don't tell you how to do your job so don't tell me how to do mine”.

And now we only take away everything that's not related to what the hero is doing. That means in this case we take away the tavern owner's reaction.

Gave the tavern owner some advice

Now we simply rewrite what we have left into the present tense.

Giving the tavern owner some advice on how to run his business...

And that's how it's done.

Dungeon Phrases

Dungeon phrases can be very tricky, especially to people who have never been in a dungeon. Actually though, dungeon phrases are pretty easy once you realize how to do them. This section is to explain how.

  • Lecture 4: Submitting Dungeon Phrases

Lecture given by GodHigh king of undies 

For this lecture I'm gonna cover how to submit dungeon phrases, not how to create dungeon phrases! The reason why I want to explain this first is because there seem to be people who submit dungeon phrases that can't be approved unless ER reviewers take a lot away from the original idea.

This is how dungeon phrases appear in the game:

The heroes move west after a long discussion. This room looks just like the previous one but more boring. There are no exits in this room exept to the north and east.

This is not how you should submit dungeon phrases. This dungeon entry is actually made from 3 separate dungeon phrases.

  • Heroes move to...
  • Empty room
  • Available directions

Sometimes in the ideabox we see that people for example submit a phrase that is an "Empty room description" and a "Heroes move to...".

Before submitting dungeon phrases make sure you don't submit an idea with multiple categories because there might be ER reviewers who don't want to send a correction or vote for a correction with a lot of editing to make it a dungeon phrase that meets all requirements.

  • Lecture 5: Room Descriptions

Lecture given by GodHigh king of undies 

For this lecture I'm gonna tell you about three of the four different kinds of room descriptions.

  • Empty Room
  • Trap Room
  • Bonus Room
  • Hint Rooms (will be done some other time)

First is the empty room, well... it's not empty actually. It's filled with pudding, frogs, unopened mail etc.

Empty Rooms are rooms without traps or when heroes don't get gold or anything. So if you submit an Empty Room idea give it a nice twist, like I said; You can fill it with pudding or whatever you like.

Imagine yourself walking through a dungeon and you enter the next room and you are shocked because... You fill in the blanks.

But remember! Most dungeon phrases are made out off a "heroes move to", "room description" and "available exits" phrases so keep it short!

Next up, Trap Rooms. Trap rooms take away hp from all party members or just one, or it takes away gold from a hero. Some trap rooms trap the heroes causing them to lose a turn instead of hp, gold or an artifact.

Be creative with your traps. for example:

The heroes need to pay %gold% to open the available exits. (causing all heroes to lose money).
The floor is covered with rusty nails, the heroes take an extra turn to move through the room unharmed. (Heroes lose a turn)

And finally, Bonus Rooms. Bonus Rooms restore all heroes hp or hp for one hero, the heroes pray, get gold, artifacts, stuff like that. Be creative, let it rain gold so all heroes get some pocket money, let them swim through a warm mudbath so they restore some hp or make them cower in a corner and pray to their gods for guidance and protection.

But remember (and I can't say this enough), keep it as short as possible!

  • Lecture 6: Heroes Move To

Guest lecture given by GodThe m1ghty 

Last week, GodHigh king of undies  talked about empty, bonus, and trap rooms. That’s the second part in a dungeon room. The first part in a dungeon room is nearly always the “heroes move to…”. That’s the part I’ll talk about today.

Before we start about how to think about those ideas, first some information about them.

  • A) "Heroes move to…” submissions always include the variable %dir%, which says which direction the heroes go to.
  • B) It nearly always includes “The heroes” or “the party”.

A few common formats for “heroes move to”:

The [heroes/party] [[something]] and [go/go to the] %dir%.

For example: "The heroes flip a coin and go south."

A [[something]] [[moves in some way]] the [heroes/party] %dir%.

For example: "A spring trap catapults the heroes north."

[[doing something]] the [heroes/party] [go/go to the] %dir%.

For example: "Blindly obeying their gods, the heroes go north."

I have found a few ways to think of “heroes move to…”.

A) What moved the heroes? For example: a spring trap, a trapdoor…

A dungeon phrase for that:

The heroes evade a trapdoor, but trip and fall %dir%.

B) What did the heroes feel? What were their emotions? For example: feeling confused, frightened…

Feeling frightened, the party quickly moves on %dir%.

C) What did they do before going? For example: flip a coin, discuss where to go…

After a heated discussion, the heroes consent to go %dir%.

I am by no means an expert, and I’m sure I could improve a lot of things. I’d be more than happy if someone more experienced (or just plain better) could tell me and all the students h{is|er}tips and tricks.

Hope this helped ;)

Happy Ideaboxing everybody!

  • Lecture 7: Available Directions

Lecture given by GodHigh king of undies 

This lecture is about what are and how to create "Available Directions" phrases.

What are "Available Directions"? In most dungeon entries you will have "Available Directions" that tell you which ways the party can move, there's nothing more you need to know really. I personally think it's good for non-templed players to know what they are submitting.

How to create "Available Directions" "Available Directions" always have the %dir% variable which is the direction variable as you might know. But it's a bit different in "heroes move to" and "Available Directions" phrases.

In "Available Directions" phrases unlike "heroes move to" it selects 1, 2, 3 or even 4 different directions instead of one. But that doesn't mean you should add multiple variables to your submission. Here's an example.

Right use of %dir%:

The party can move %dir%.

It will look like this:

The party can move North or South.

Wrong use of %dir%:

The party can move %dir% or %dir%.

It will look like this:

The party can move North or south or North or South.

So only use one %dir% variable!

Now that I've explained how to use the variable we can move on to creating the phrase itself. It needs to be short, remember that!

There are two ways I know of how to make "Available Directions" phrases. You either describe what the exits in the room look like or you write why some exits can't be used. Here are some examples.

Exits Descriptions:

Large holes in the wall allow the heroes to move %dir%.
A flight attendant points the heroes to the emergency exits to the %dir%.

Write how some exits can't be used:

The heroes can move in all directions but they only want to move %dir%.
Roadblocks redirect the heroes to the exits to the %dir%.

I hope this was enough info to help both non-templed and templed players as well as beginning and advanced ideaboxers to create "Available Directions" phrases.


Monsters are by far the most difficult category of all. They are not for the faint of heart, or for people who don't like seeing pages and pages of red. This lecture is to help you understand a bit more about monsters[11].

  • Lecture 8: Monster Submissions

Lecture given by GodHigh king of undies 

For this lecture, I’m gonna cover what (probably) a lot of people have been waiting for: the monster category!

I can hear you think, “Yay! Now I will learn the secrets of monster submissions and how to get them approved a lot easier!”. Well sorry to disappoint you, but this lecture won’t be as useful as the other ones. I am however, going to tell you all I know.

So let’s start with some do’s and don’ts.

Something you should definitely do is get some ideas approved to get more daily submissions. Monsters are the hardest category and with a limit of 2,3 or 4 ideas a day, you will just be wasting your submissions. Put the monster category aside until later.

What you need to do is make sure the pun reference is something most people get. Send some monster ideas to your friends (who you trust) and ask them if they know what your monster refers to. If you send it to multiple people and they all guess right then you know the joke is clear to most people.

Now let’s cover the don’ts.

Please don’t submit the monsters: Serial No-voter, Ideabox Rejector, Rejected Monster (is a dupe anyway), etc. Too much people have already sent in monsters like these and it’s not something I believe is very enjoyable by the Godville Community. We’ve seen too much of them already.

Also what you shouldn’t do is make a really long monster name with multiple puns. It’s confusing.

And finally, the most important thing. Do not give up! I now have 1 monster approval which I’m very proud of. It was my (and yes, I counted) 443rd monster submission. The category is insanely hard, but also very rewarding. A lot of players agree that ideaboxers with a monster approval earn serious credit for this achievement.


Biff! Bang! Splat! Wait, splat? Duel entries are full of ridiculous action. Blows struck, bombs exploded, tomatoes thrown and more. This lecture explains how to do them.

  • Lecture 9: Duel Entries

Guest lecture given by GodTlazolteteo 

Scenarios – Usually takes one of the following forms:

A directly attacks B
A indirectly damages B through an object or 3rd party
A does something, B hurts self
A does something, B blocks/evades somehow
A missed or didn’t attack at all
A hurts self
A and B are both hurt

Content – Damage does not have to be physical, and could also be psychological, purely metaphorical, or even 4th-wall breaking. For example, there are many entries with “hits” to the defender’s self confidence, public image, luck, karma or health bar.

Purely descriptive entries do get in, though most entries incorporate humour, a pun/idiom or a twist ending.

Length & Format – While not an issue with sparring and arena fighting, when in 3-4 player boss fights, long entries can really clog up the fight log. Try to keep your entry down to two sentences (20-35 words). It is usually sufficient to have one line as the setup, and the next as the reaction/punchline. There seems to be slightly more leeway with length of Boss entries, especially if you are going for an epic description. As the devs heavily stress though, shorter is better.

Variables, pronouns & other references – Having %defender% will help avoid confusion in multiplayer battles (particularly for Boss attacks) or in non-turn-based battles (e.g. Scurrying boss or special arena condition). I usually try to incorporate both %attacker% and %defender% into every entry, but either variable can sometimes be omitted depending on the scenario.

Avoid repeating the %attacker% and %defender% variable more than once, as this can make the entry sound redundant and clumsy (especially if the character has a long name). Use pronouns or generic terms like foe/enemy/target/adversary/rival to avoid repeats, but make sure the pronouns are unambiguous as to whom they are referring to.

GENERAL ADVICE (applicable to any category)

How to come up with ideas – This kind of varies from person to person. There are very good tips on page 5 of this forum thread. I personally usually start from a seed (e.g. pun or phrase) then imagine a scene that I can use it in. Alternatively, you could start with a specific scenario (e.g. Boss miss) then brainstorm different ways that it could happen. You could also start with a topic (e.g. magic), then come up with different possibilities — the Ideaboxing Game is based on this method. Look to your daily life and hobbies/interests for inspiration. Just make sure the topic isn’t too technical or niche.

Other Tips

Definitely read the entries already in the game. This gives you a good idea of the tone, style and quality of what you should aim for. This also keeps you from submitting dupes.

Read what other people have submitted in the Ideabox/ER. Gives you a sense of what the voting community likes and doesn’t like. Can also give you inspiration for your own submissions.

Read over your own writing a few times before submitting. Problems can be fixed in the ER, but a good first impression is important. If it’s too long, clunky, or you just aren’t sure if the joke is clear enough… ask a friend, discuss it in guild council, or talk to an Ideaboxer (someone with a ✔ in their motto). If you feel like you have a good seed, but can’t think of anything good on your own, consider “donating” it to the Ideaboxing Game by using it as the topic for the next person.


Hours and hours spent questing and finally you get the rewards: experience, gold, a golden brick or perhaps nothing at all. A lot of quests in Godville have an extra reward, an unique quest ending. Both quests and endings will be covered here.[12]

  • Lecture 10: Creating Quest Endings

Guest lecture given by: GodThe m1ghty 

Before we start about doing quest endings, first some general information about them.

Let’s start with a short FAQ!

  • How do you suggest quest endings?

There are 2 ways. The first way is to enter the link of this post, which is the thread “Adding endings to existing quests” in the Workmen’s Area. The second way is to go to the quests part of the feedback and click on the link there. Alternatively, you could just use this link: http://godvillegame.com/ideabox/quests.

  • Do quest endings give IQ/Gratitude points? If yes, how many?

Quest endings do give IQ and Gratitude points: 7 IQ points and 1 Gratitude point, just as much as any idea. In fact, when I have writer’s block they are easier for me, as part of the creativity (the quest name) is already supplied.

  • Why the hell are you making the FAQ so long and not starting with the lecture already?

Good question. Let’s start!

Quest endings may vary in length from 5 words (the absolute minimum) to a few sentences, may vary in style from a short punchline to a short and silly “story”, but they all have to follow some pattern. Here are some basic guidelines and recommendations which I did not copy from the place where you suggest quest endings.

  1. It’s assumed that a hero completes a quest over some time (even longer for epics), so an ending should imply that some work was done, before the hero reached the conclusion described in the ending (not just an punchline for the the quest title). This is not true 100% of the time, and you can see some quest endings in game that don’t follow this guideline, but quest endings are much likely to be accepted if they do follow this guideline.
  2. Keep in mind that a hero can do the same quest multiple times. I personally have never found this much of a problem personally, but keep this in mind. Again, not true 100% of the time.
  3. An ending shouldn’t be too long. Very important. Remember that in game quest endings appear together with the quest reward, so if it’s more than 2-3 sentences it will be too boring. True 100% of the time.
  4. A quest is done in the fields, so an ending that says that a hero just did something in the tavern/bar/town will look out of place. Important. This may seem deterring and strict at first, but it actually helps me a lot, since it gives me the possibility to write that the hero is returning to the tavern.
  5. There should be no %artifact%, %gold% coins, %rg%, golden bricks references or any other variables in the ending (gender variations are ok. e.g {he|she}, {God|||Goddess}). Very important. No rule bending at all for this one.
  6. An ending should not include the exact title of the quest (full ending phrase in the diary already includes the quest title). Likewise.

So, now that we’ve covered pretty much everything except how we think of them, how do we think of them?

First, we need some quests to work on. You could search for quests in game, but the best way is to go to the quests endings section and look at the 4 endingless quests there which are changed every day. Let’s choose the ones that were there yesterday (24 of September), which are:

discover why day breaks and night falls
wake the dead with breakfast in bed
set up a chain mail account
climb the social ladder to get god’s beard

The first step is to understand what’s the joke/point of each quest. The first quest is a play on words on the fact that we say “day breaks” but “night falls”. The second quest is a combination of the rather morbid phrase “wake the dead” with the lighthearted phrase “breakfast in bed”, which causes a funny contrast. The third one is a play on words of the phrase “chain mail” and “mail account”. The fourth one is combining two metaphors “climb the social ladder” and “to get god’s beard”.

The second step is to think of the connections each thing has. Remember, you won’t be able to do this with every idea, but you should try. For example: with the first quest, the word “break” and the word “fall” both have an injury-related meaning. Maybe do something around that?

In the second quest, waking the dead is connected with zombies. Zombies like to eat brains. Hint much?

In the third quest, we could humorously remove the space between “chain” and “mail”, making the hero set up a chainmail account, something completely different!

In the fourth quest, well… Hmm… This is one example where I can’t find anything. Luckily, I have 3 other quests and I’ll have 4 more options tomorrow.

The third step is to think of actual ideas. For the first quest I could do something like: “It turns out that Night fell once and broke Day’s leg. Maybe that’s why Night is so dark and gloomy all the time!”

For the second quest, I could do something like: “Apparently they like brains more then they like cereal. I’m out of here!”

For the third quest, maybe something on the lines of: “All that chainmail armor sure was heavy, but I finally did it!”

The fourth and final step is to explain. Quest endings are unique in that that they have to have explanations which have a minimum of 5 words. The first quest: “It plays on the injury-related meanings of break and fall, and makes an extra pun about how night is ‘dark’ in the meaning of sad and bleak, but also dark in the meaning of not lighted.”

For the second quest: “It relates waking the dead to zombies, and how the zombies prefer to eat the hero’s brain then the breakfast he brought them.”

For the third quest: “The hero got confused between setting up a mail account and between setting up a chainmail (a type of armor) account.”

Now send it to the devs, and hope it will be accepted.


Waves crashing against the wood, rain pouring down on the crew and the only thing that deafens the sound of screams and prayers are the merciless thunderclouds roaring in the heavens. Sailing the open seas isn't for the weak and fragile.

  • Lecture 11: Speculations about the new sailing category

Lecture given by: GodHigh king of undies 

So I’m gonna try writing something about the new sailing category, it wont be a real lecture. Mostly it will be assumptions on what kinds of entries we already know we can submit.

Alright so we don’t know much of what happens when sailing, but the chance that the hero will be at sea is big. So we need to remind ourselves that we adjust our submissions accordingly.

There’s not much we can be sure of but as far as I can tell there is one thing that we can all be sure about is that we can still use the Remote Control. Thus we can submit:

  • Encourage
  • Punish
  • Miracle
  • God Voice

Knowing that we are at sea and that we can use the Remote Control we can start submitting ideas like this:


A mermaid jumped onboard and tended to my wounds.


A deafening thunderclap scared all my pets. Come back!


A huge wave heading towards the ark deviated from it’s course at the last minute. Thank you, %rg%. My pets all started to praise you, at least that’s what it sounds like.

God voice:

The crew from a passing ship can be heard singing “%god_phrase%”.

This is the best I can do for now. Until we get more information on the new category we’ll just have to go with this.

Lecture 12: Coming Soon

Thanks for reading!

Seriously, thanks.


  1. This motto was suggested by GodJimbob64  in The Ideaboxers Union motto contest, where it won by a landslide.
  2. "Alt" is short for "alternate account".
  3. Kindly ignore this lame attempt at a pun.
  4. Quote by GodThe m1ghty : "It's all in good humor, though. I hope that Pablo the Flamethrower realizes this".
  5. Awww...
  6. See: third in Gratitude with alt in Top 25.
  7. Hehe, it rhymed.
  8. The hero{|ine} will try to do this until he reaches the rank "Cardinal", after 135 days. By then the hero{|in}es start to realize that they should stay there. Even then, the hero will leave after 28 days of the god being absent.
  9. These instructions are slightly outdated. [This https://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/3139?page=38#post_531299] is the most up to date set of instructions
  10. The order is according to ranking in guild.
  11. "The Ideaboxers Union" and any of its members is not responsible for any rage quits as a result of monster submissions. It is responsible for all of the successes though.
  12. Eventually. Probably. Hopefully. Maybe. ;)