The High Council

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The High Council
Motto: Umm I Forgot?
Alignment: High
Totem Monster: Trebles
Gold Fund: 215 c.u.
Date Founded: 2380 g.e.
Membership Count: Few yet
Town with Greatest Influence: Unspecifiedistan (-1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 420
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 42
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 1356
Forum Headquarters: The High Council
Guild Page: The High Council 
Data current as of 11.14.2016

Welcome To the wiki for

The High Council Guild

Our Current Leaders:

(to be voted on shortly)


May all be pleasant once entering THC Hall, Don't let it's grand spectral aura fool you. It is just a table with 7 or 8 chairs currently and an 1000 watt hps in the corner, sorry to blind you in our glory-us lights, you will get use too it.

Guild Background

  • Some Random Kids in a Basement.?.
  • A Grand Epiphany??..??
  • Boredom..!..
  • Faith..?..
  • What Ever Reason

We are now hero's of a sort each following an odd god that just wants us to see a good time, in most cases.

David how ever for some reason keeps letting the mobs kill him, we even gave him guild mascot position to help but well we will see. A goofy looking plant man suit, not sure it's going to help.

Members we are seeking

  • like minded folks
  • outcasts
  • incasts
  • randoms
  • drop-bys
  • that guy you forgot the name of
  • some of your sisters
  • your neighbors dogs friend
  • your local cable guy or what ever you call um
  • heroes/heroines (*(**))

(*if you have point it helps*) (**not required**)

Recommended party treats

  • Brownies
  • marshmallow puffed rice (not them funny crispy rice)
  • Tea with Honey
  • dabs on a stick
  • a hookah with doobies in it

and some other sorts of cake and cookies......Mmmm cookies....

Current Tasks

  • Upgrade guild count
  • Upgrade chair capacity
  • Upgrade Guild Hall (the basement isn't that grand)
  • Upgrade The Wiki (with member input)
  • Take A Nap
  • Find some one else to pass this too...


If you would like to become a member of The High Council, command your hero to --- join the "The High Council" guild --- and if they are skilled enough, they will become "THC" Approved!

Should you find your hero trying to join another guild (becoming the XX # of some random guild), command them to --- "cancel quest"--- and they will continue to be Chill(or not so chill) Members of THC!

A good balance of yup is needed to have things flourish, I think.?