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The Guild
Motto: No motto is too long for The Guild!
Alignment: Satisfyingly Random
Date Founded: Decemberish 2015!
Membership Count: A Very Large Sum of 6
Guild Page: The Guild 

TheNews!.jpeg Merry Christmas to everyone! Looks like I'm late though! Merry Boxing week instead! Three new members are on the horizon including GodOlinator245  and two other mysterious alts O_o. Recently last week (or the week before, or maybe before that... I'll just stick to recently) we entered the Pantheon of Popularity and made it to 38th place! And then promptly dropped out due to laziness. Go us!

Older News

Sometime Later... Probably Dec.13 Welcoming GodHSoH Alternator  to our ranks! We also need other Gods to help build The Guild's The Guild hall! We also have entered the Pantheon of Unity!

Somewhere between Dec. 6 and Dec. 13 Now up to four members! We've entered the pantheon of unity! Four isn't a very nice number though is it? Personally I would prefer a bigger number... Yes we are still (and always will be!) looking for more members! What better guild to join the The Guild? The most widely mentioned guild in the forums! (Try it! Search "The Guild" on the guild headquarters search bar!)

Dec. 6.': Currently trying to assemble enough members to build The Guild hall! New members incoming! Advanced welcome to GodNot A Unicorn , GodTlazolteteo  (Got it on the third try!) And GodThorion2 . Welcome!

Introduction: A New Guild!

By now you really should understand that this is in fact a new guild. Your probably thinking along the lines of this "What an unoriginal name and another guild that will fail before it even gets a second member." Fear not! The name is even less creative then you thought! This isn't just any old new guild, its a new The Guild!


Who we are and what we do

Well I'm really hoping people have come to understand that we are The Guild after seeing the big title that says The Guild at the top of the page. As for what we do, mostly the same things every other guild does! So you could psare me the work of writing about how we are/how/also...

  • Friendly and welcoming to new members
  • How we've actually just made all this up by looking at other guild's pages
  • We like to have fun and enjoy the game!

Drat! You've made me write it all out! Another thing yo note would be that lists look way cooler then blocks of text,

  • Right?
  • Always!
  • So lists forever!

We've also recently achieved the personality of true darkness! through sheer randomness and clicking with a blindfold!



The Guild was born out of a pool of anarchy, a slime pit of despair. Amide tumbulous waves that threatened to swamp it in it's beginning, amide thunder of gods, angered at the end of their rule and the beginning of order. The very flames of hell quaked and were said to... Who am I kidding? This is just The Guild! Created one day when someone said "Founding a guild would be cool. But what would I call the guild?" That doesn't mean we can't rave on about the seven levels of hell and the various abysses of endless torture containing the nightmares of man, waiting for the day when they can drag their terrible pustulated flesh into the daylight and reap revenge on man, though!

The Guild hall

Eventually (as whenever somebody breaks from laziness long enough to do it) all the rooms will be listed here as well as having a longer description below!

Guild Rules

Suffice to say, we are really strict on our rules, we take them very seriously and for that reason have written that we take them very seriously.

  • Always remember to capitalize The Guild and use it to redundancy
  • (If I had thought of another rule, this is where it would have gone)

The First The Guildees

GodMr God Junior - The Great and Powerful The Guild Leader!
GodTlazolteteo - The first The Guildee!
GodThorion2 - A cool handsome guy!
GodNot A Unicorn - The first Godwiki The Guild page editor!

Possible Future The Guild Events

  • Forum Game! Suggestions Wanted!
  • Logo contest!
  • Ask other people what to put here!
  • Find a better motto!
  • Learn to stop using so many exclamation marks!
  • Daily Guildy message?!


Also known as The Daily Inspirational The Guild message, or simply ad Guildie Message, this is basicly how we chose out motto! We have a The Guild related themed message every little while and ten make it out motto. If you have any ideas, feel free to share via PM or just in The Guild forum thread!

List of past mottos and TDITGMs

  • No motto is too long for The Guild!
  • Reusing old jokes since this was made!
  • Not just another Guild! Another The Guild!

In depth, totally non-related description of current motto!

There's no real depth that we can add to this one, as it refers to the fact that the motto doesn't fit onto our coat of arms!

Random Changing Image!

<randomimage size="150x100px" float="center>

Thanks For Reading!


Still being edited and added on to. Cool background colour wanted! If you want to add something, might as well run it by GodMr God Junior  first! ;)