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* You can proudly wear your not yet decided The Guild colours with pride!
* You can proudly wear your not yet decided The Guild colours with pride!
==  Allies and Enemies ==
== History ==  
== History ==  

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The Guild
Motto: No motto is too long for The Guild!
Alignment: Satisfyingly random
Leader: GodMr God Junior 
Date Founded: Decemberish 2015!
Membership Count: 12
Guild Page: The Guild 
Data current as of July 2016

Introduction: A New Guild!

By now you really should understand that this is in fact a new guild. Your probably thinking along the lines of this "What an unoriginal name and another guild that will fail before it even gets a second member." Fear not! The name is even less creative then you thought! This isn't just any old new guild, its a new The Guild!

Who we are and what we do

Well I'm really hoping people have come to understand that we are The Guild after seeing the big title that says The Guild at the top of the page. As for what we do, mostly the same things every other guild does! (Hint: There's really not much to do as a guild in Godville!)

We try to focus on having interesting conversations in The Guild Chat, shamelessly recruiting peopl for The Guild and goofing off around Godville. We also like to say The Guild too much.

Why should you join us?

A better question would of course be, why shouldn't you join us. We, off course are too busy shamelessly recruiting and emphasizing The Guild in capital letters to answer things like that though.

  • Joining The Guild isn't bad for you health

On the other hand, it isn't good for your health...

  • You have the chance to say The Guild a lot more.

Instead of wasting your time on boring and pointless things, think of how more productive you can be wasting your time on simply pointless things! The Guild is never boring! Only pointless.

  • You can proudly wear your not yet decided The Guild colours with pride!

Allies and Enemies



The Guild was born out of a pool of anarchy, a slime pit of despair. Amide tumbulous waves that threatened to swamp it in it's beginning, amide thunder of gods, angered at the end of their rule and the beginning of order. The very flames of hell quaked and were said to... Who am I kidding? This is just The Guild! Created one day when someone said "Founding a guild would be cool. But what would I call the guild?" That doesn't mean we can't rave on about the seven levels of hell and the various abysses of endless torture containing the nightmares of man, waiting for the day when they can drag their terrible pustulated flesh into the daylight and reap revenge on man, though!

The Sort of Real The Guild History

First Temple: GodTlazoltoteo  was The first of us to get a temple! She was also The first member even over level 20 and The first over level 30 for a long time after that until GodHit you  joined! A fine example of how some of The Guilders are not complete noobs or alts!

Recruitment Policies

  • Do it! (As in recruitment)
  • Don't recruit in a bad way! (As if there's any bad ways to recruit for The Guild!)
  • The more members we have, the more members we'll have!

The Guild hall

The Guild hall is an ungoing project where we invite other people to design and build it for us! Modelling the rooms after their own guild or anything they like really! Feel free to pop into our forum thread (always found near the top of The Guild HQ!) and build your own room!

The Main Building

Whether you beleive me or not, The Main Building, is not only named The Main Building, it is also the main building of The Guild Hall! This was decided after many arguments and suggestions including: The Port-au-Potty, Trash-heap and GodTlazolteteo 's temple.

The Main Building is in, fact as you may have already found out, GodTlazolteteo 's temple. It is not so much a temple as a labyrinthine, at the end, the bathrooms. Here we plot things, while gleefully watching people get lost in the labarinthe. The outside is purely gold, well the inside is painted a multitude of undefined The Guild colours, as well as including The Guild crest painted everywhere and the motto, painted really largely and cut off by the walls.

The Plot

Firstly, due to various magnefying prisms, and complicated light refractions, the bathrooms look really close to the entrance from the outside. So when people enter, asking for the bathroom, or are on the tour and ask for the bathroom, they simply go by themselves, instead of paying the price for a guide. A foolish choice indeed. First they got lost, then they find the strategetically placed beer coolers, needing a donation to open. They relax on the overstuffed couches and stay there, all the while, their money being depleted beer by beer. When they run out of money, we boot them out. If they stained the couches with their need for the bathroom, we fine them! Foolproof!

Now, would you like to explore The Main Building?

The Guild Rules

Suffice to say, we are really strict on our rules, we take them very seriously and for that reason have written that we take them very seriously.

  • Always remember to capitalize The Guild and use it to redundancy
  • (If I had thought of another rule, this is where it would have gone)
  • Did you forget the first rule? Good, don't.

The First The Guildees

GodMr God Junior - The Great and Powerful The Guild Leader!
GodTlazolteteo - The first The Guildee!
GodThorion2 - A cool handsome guy!
GodNot A Unicorn - The first Godwiki The Guild page editor!

Possible Future The Guild Events

  • Forum Game! Suggestions Wanted!
  • Ask other people what to put here!
  • Find a better motto! (done! ;)
  • Learn to stop using so many exclamation marks!


Now, for your enjoyment and confusion, we have a randomly changing image. Hurray! <randomimage size="150x100px" float="center>

Thanks For Reading!


Still being edited and added on to. Cool background colour wanted! If you want to add something, might as well run it by GodMr God Junior  first! ;)