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Derelict Red Jan 2018

For my platform of running as leader of this guild, I will present the guild with my intentions and plans one at a time, throughout the election week,  adding a new point every so often to a cumulative platform.

First, the most recent issue - Harvest Moon's rivalry against us. We have already discussed this, but I will keep implementing the same policy as leader. That is... .. We will be careful to not react to any trolling or give ammo for more, and we will continue efforts to coordinator sails and dungeons.

I will be also as part as those election, to be encouraging all Cardinal plus ranks to vote, for whomever, through PM and Guild Council.


Our guild is now in the top ten of every pantheon - except for adventure. A goal I have is to encourage more dungeoning and sailing in our guild, through several simple methods, such as appointing a dungeon head to lead dungeons through example and inform new templed members on methods to succeed. This dungeon head will also aid templeless members in achieving their temple. I am also inviting over a new member to our guild, who is experienced in sailing, to head sailing efforts in our guild.

~Guild Positions~

There is so much more room in our guilds for positions, whether for practical use or fun. As mentioned, a sailing and a dungeon head. We can make positions to assist in other pantheons as well, like unity. And if anyone has an idea, as leader I will gladly hear them out and help them prepare it for the guild. For example, Nightmare Chronicler was added at @Melandre's request. @Nikedia is very likely going to be our medic/healer. And we also, need a new cook. Also, classes. We need more classes to give a broad choice to members. Classes like Puritans, Zealots, Nomads, Pariahs are all a probable reality. Finally, I have recruited a group of people to be in charge of expelling, lest we ever need to banish a troll from our guild council.

Megabot Jan 2018

Elections are upon us and soon a new term is going to begin. The last 120 days were crucial for our guild wherein we saw a tremendous boost in numbers. Let's make the next four months live up to the expectations. Today, we here @BotTV have got two special interviews for our members!

I push open a huge hall, opening the passage for me into a ginormous, dimly lit room. The Grand Hall; though largely deserted is a sight to behold. I walk quick paces into the hall trying to quietly find my destination. Finally, I reach the destination. Sweat drips down my face as a I walk in and am greeted by a cold smile from one of the guest.

LadyChaotica was always a woman of few words. Though never have we seen her not put her points and views forward. "The Lady" of TFL, as most of us know her as, is unequivocal and precise in her approach. She is the only woman in the race for leadership! But the other two men know better than to take her lightly.

Another hulking silhouette of a man remained seated patiently seated in the chair next to the fire place. "Can we get started?", the voice commanded.

Friedrich-Nietzsche was surrounded by a horde of moonsters in the recent events and yet should his ground. Proving he wasn't the one succumb under pressure. The victorious warrior who survived the storm now stands in the race for leadership. Don't underestimate him; this one packs a mighty punch!

Question 1 - What do you think our greatest achievements were in the last 4 months?

LC - Reaching number 1 Spot in popularity. Constantly growing and increasing our member count by almost a 100%. Having fun through RP and Guild Council (yes, fun is an achievement too)!

FN - Looking back at the last term, a few things come to mind. For one, the member count increase. We've worked together to bring in many new people and a 100% increase is certainly nothing to scoff at. There's also how we managed to combine our efforts into getting the number one spot in popularity - even if it didn't take long for Nautilus to take actions and remove us from that spot. It shows how we can achieve great things is we work together. But if we focus on the latest happenings, something else catches my eyes. In a few days, we turned a rather annoying situation into something that can benefit us all. I can tell you, there has never been that much coordination in our guild council. So, I think you can see what I am trying to say with this.

Question 2 - According to you; What makes TFL different from several other guilds out there?

FN - Our guild always was a little different from other guilds. We started, from all I know, with nothing more than a story. And that story as well as the message it bears brought in so many members that we are now among the top dogs of Godville. And these are what shape the guild to me. Our focus on telling a story, and the many individual stories everyone has to offer. This as well as the aspect of acceptance, of taking in those that have no place. Of getting together to be strong, because alone, we are weak.

LC - A long time ago, when I was just a new player, I searched far and wide to find a guild to my liking. This guild caught my eye for it's amazing lore on the wiki. Little did I know it was just a tiny fraction of what makes this guild amazing. Except for great lore, we have great people too, and we all strive to make our little community even better be it with our creativity, humour or debates about the meaning of life and whatnot!

Question 3 - How do you wish to take the guild forward in the coming months? What will be your primary focus?

LC- My focus would be on making us all feel at home. So I'd try to introduce those new classes everyone is talking about for so long and I'll try to keep our Guild Council as active as possible. All with help of fellow guildmates of course

FN - Well, what I think should be the goal of our guild starting the this year is consolidation. We have expanded our member base rapidly, but we need to do something about these new faces now. Recruitment campaigns made them come, but now we need to make them stay. Engage our members, get opportunities for participation. For instance, the current dungeoning trend. That's a start. Also, the guild RP. I want to build on the relatively spontaneous dungeoning we started this month. The role play will of course be Derelict Red's still since it is he who has all the ideas in his mind.

Additionally, our wiki needs some restructuring. With talks about new classes, obsolete entries of members that are sadly no longer part of our guild and all opportunities anyone in the guild might think of, I hope we can give everyone the opportunity to make the guild his own work or little project. Ideally, everyone will have a class that they feel represents their play-style at the end of my term.

Question 4 - What's your take on the "trolling" and "war" situations we were caught up in a few weeks ago? How do you think we can mitigate the damage?

FN - The whole situation is like some kind of bad joke to us. One day, someone comes up to us and starts some kind of one sided rivalry to justify their trolling and insults. I get that there has been some bad blood between single individuals of both guilds, but about 500 people are being dragged into this that have absolutely nothing to do with it. The people in question should stop their bickering and sit down together to talk things out like adults. Either find a compromise or agree to just leave each other alone. Seeing how the situation is right now, we don't need any damage mitigation. I feel like the wind is out of their sails. And honestly, HM is not even doing a good job with their war. This month, I did more dungeons than in the rest of my time on this account combined. (Which by the way means I reached 25 a few days ago). Still they complain that we are hiding. Maybe they are as tired of this senseless dispute as we are.

LC - Haters gonna hate. Ignore them and they'll shut up, they are seeking their attention and by responding to provocations you are giving them exactly what they want. Remember kids, don't feed the trolls!

Also you should remember that not everyone on the trolls guild is a bad person. We should judge everyone as an individual and so we should keep on good terms with good people from the same guild.

Question 5 - Lastly, where do you see us at the end of your term, if elected? Your pantheon predictions for the 4 guild pantheons! (Unity, Popularity, Duelery, Adventure)

LC - Ugh, I hate making predictions, but I'll try my best.

The Unity pantheon - 4; Taking a wild guess here based on member strength and participation.

The pantheon of popularity - This one is very dynamic! We could end up anywhere from 1 to 6

The duelery pantheon - 3, This one is pretty static. Has ben so for a long long time.

Adventure- I don’t know! But I expect us to enter top 10 at least. The guild member appear to be pumped up to achieve the same. All they require is a little guidance and a push in the direction they already are.

FN - If you look at my answers up to now, you probably realise that the pantheons aren't much of a concern to me, but I can still give my predictions.

The unity pantheon is probably not going to change much. I want to consolidate our position and have us grow not in numbers, but closer together. Still, with how close we are to taking number five, I think it's possible to climb up and overtake Blue Feather.

The pantheon of popularity is a fickle thing that changes often. But with current trends, I presume we can keep our current position and alternate between ranks 3-5 with ease.

The duelery pantheon is our eternal constant. It didn't change in ages and without serious investments, it won't change this term. So three it will stay.

And adventure? This one is the pantheon I see the most potential for change in. Of course, the low amount of gods with temples and arks will give us a lasting disadvantage, but with work from all of us and the current mood in the guild council, I am positive that we can climb to number 11, maybe even 8 with enough enthusiasm.

I close my writing pad and rise from the dust covered golden chair. My eyes meet both the candidates a final time. “Good Luck!!”