The Forsakens Lament

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The Forsakens Lament
Forsaken Cat.jpg
Motto: Exalt our Futility
Alignment: Hopeless
Date Founded: 20 August, 2015
Membership Count: 5
Guild Page: The Forsakens Lament 

The Forsakens Lament We are abandoned. It is this emptiness, this realization, that caused our guild to come into existence. The world may look beautiful, and the stars may shine brightly, but what lies beyond them in that dreadful darkness? Many will point to the gods, the Almighty ones who created us; powerful beings hovering over us, unseen, guiding us from above the blackness of space. Many heros hope that one day, their gods will reveal the answers, the purpose of life, and a beautiful paradise. Yet what if our own gods have no idea of what is happening? They have told us so. Like everything, they were created. Somewhere up the line, past the old gods and the ancients, there is a missing link in creation. The gods feel this void, the same emptiness that humans can feel. They tried to deny it at first. They created humans and heros to rule over, and built worlds and planets to hold authority on. All of this in an frantic attempt to claim validity and meaning. However, it was futile. They gave the human species something to worship, but they had nothing to serve themselves. Because of this divide, goddom began to fracture. Some gods became evil, and evil became their master. Some gods denied their brokenness, and tried to maintain order and goodness. And a few fell into bitterness and despair. These few gods and goddesses confided the great secret to heros and heroines. The gods have no purpose. They have no answers. They have told us that there is certainly no paradise. The shortcomings of their gods broke the heros' hearts. If gods hold faith in nothing, how can we?

"Life is a cruel joke, but whoever started it, they forgot to even finish it. And so, it must be finished in the same way it began" ~ Derelict Red

This guild is for the the gods and the heros that have given up on life, and given in to hopelessness. This guild is for the apathetic, who don't care anymore. This guild is for the nihilists, the ones who realize their pointlessness. Lastly, this guild is for the evil ones, who embrace destruction in retaliation against the disgusting futility of existence. The noble and righteous could join this guild if they wish, but would they feel welcome among bitterness and despair?