The Forsakens Lament

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The Forsakens Lament
Motto: Exalt our Futility
Alignment: Neutral
Date Founded: 20 August, 2015
Guild Page: The Forsakens Lament 

The Forsaken Cat.jpg

The Forsakens Lament This guild is for the abandoned. It is for those who wonder at the seeming futility of the universe. Do you look at the world, and see nothing but despair? This guild is for the the gods and the heros that have given up on life, and given in to hopelessness. This guild is for the apathetic, who don't care anymore. This guild is for the nihilists, the ones who realize their pointlessness. Lastly, this guild is for the evil ones, who embrace destruction in retaliation against the disgusting futility of existence. The noble and righteous could join this guild if they wish, but would they feel welcome among bitterness and despair?